Just a few months ago I was I guess you would say a normal wife. I wrote here about what I felt at the time to be a mistake , I went to a friend's house got in her hot tub with a few of her male friends and ended up having sex with them. Since then I have really been struggling holding on to my former self , I tried not cheating, I tried not letting my voyeur friend to corrupt me any more. That frame of mind is now completely gone , I crave exciting and sometimes dirty sex. My friend is one of those type of people that truly enjoys watching others have sex and or being in sexual sistuations . Too me she has been my misiah,my guiding light. To all the women that may read this yes I am cheating on my husband and I can understand why you may think that is a horrible thing , but lying to yourself or holding yourself back sexually is in my opinion a much greater crime. Please experience like I have the wonderful feeling of sex with men that truly want you not for a life but just for a few hours. Thanks for reading my opinion . Stephanie.

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  • Awesome Stephanie! My buddy and I started swapping wives a couple months or our wives started swapping husbands a couple months ago. lol I love seeing my wife's cum filled panties after the weekend. Do what makes you happy!

  • Oh believe me I do

  • Would you mind hanging out with my wife and explaining all that to her

  • And also with my virgin fiancĂ©e.

  • I bet you love getting fucked by all the guys around you don't you. I also bet you love being called slut and other words like that.

  • For the past three weeks I have been going over to our neighbors and enjoying myself in his new hot tub which after the break in party I've never cheated upon my husband, BUT not with just one but three men not getting home till just enough time to crawl into bed and pretend I was asleep when my husband got home. Now I can't get enough of them, one on one or all.

  • Just let Hubby know so he can join in or go have his own fun.

  • I'm very curious about everything that you have said. Is there a way to contact you. On a regular basis.

  • Sure you can email me if you like at steph 69withyou@gmail.com

  • Stephanie did you make it out to cheat after your husband left yesterday?
    Did you allow your naked body to be seen by others?

  • Yes I had a wonderful day

  • I found out that my wife had been sleeping around when I seen her in the shower. She had bruises on her inner thighs and ass cheek's. Hurt as i was we talked about it. She's been going to a counselor and we're still married. I'm trying to support her but I also know that when I'm at work there's a good chance someone is having her. The counselor said it will take time and patience before things get better. Hopefully your husband will be as patient as I am.

  • Patient? Sounds more like you're a weak man than patient. Deep down sh'e be laughing at you whilst presenting with guilt tone.

  • I love to see bruises and bite marks on inner thighs.

  • I've never cheated on my husband with a man, but used to cheat with women. It went on for a while before I finally confessed. I believed that it would be the end of our marriage but I could no longer live a lie. We went through counseling, it was hard. I'm happy to say we're still married and my husband allows me to see women. I'm now honest with him and do not hide anything. It has in fact spiced up our love life. It may not be right for most people, but it has worked for us for the last few years.

  • Does hubby get to go out and hook up with women?

  • I'm so happy for you that it works for you like that. For me not only is it the thrill of sex but it's also thrilling to be discreet or cheating it's even thrilling to write you people about it

  • We live in a small town. A couple of my lovers are pretty influential in town so discretion is key (they're also married women). But at the same time I get a thrill from thinking that people might actually know, or there are at least rumors.

  • Of course we know.

  • I totally get this - part of the allure to it all is the cheating aspect! Some people have a cheating kink, and it sounds like you do! I also do, and I've told my wife I'd love for her to cheat on me and "confess" to me after she's done so! I've enjoyed reading your posts, please keep posting about your experiences :D

  • I didn't get to far out of town today just came back home really quick for a shower

  • Thank you I may post more later today , I'm pacing right now waiting for my husband to go to work. I'm desperate to go out and play with someone

  • I was a serial cheater. I craved sex sex and more sex. It cost me my marriage and every bit of property and money I had a massed. I remarried and my new wife new I was a serial cheater. She doesn't want me to cheat on her and promised she would always give me a lot of kinky sex which she has everyday for many years,
    I do confess I do miss getting strange pussy. I can't afford to mess up a good life and lose a good amount of money and property again if I step out.

  • I understand your fear of loosing your money and life as you have it now. For me it's a little different. If we devorse I will still be financially stable. I have to follow my heart and my heart is telling me that I love and crave sex. It's growing inside me like a flower ready to bloom. It's all I think about

  • I have tried to encourage my drop dead gorgeous wife to use her body and have fun with it. She is a magnate for swingers as it would seem as we have been approached so many times. I want to and she declines. I want her to bed down our guy friends that drool over her but she won't.

    I want her to flaunt her sexy body, tease then suck and fuck others. I want her to have bi sexual encounters and still she declines. I have given up after all this time getting her to loosen up about it.

  • You may want to take her away from everything and everyone that's normal to her. She may loosen up out of town with some handsome strangers and some strong drinks.start with having men dance with her

  • Your heading down the road to ruin Stephanie, you have to take control and cease this slutish behaviour or your life and marriage as you know it will be over your husband does not deserve to get a dose of the clap

  • My friend suggested that I devorse him so that I may have more time to be me

  • Yes, divorce him. It's fine to think about yourself but don't ruin someone else's life in the process. Divorce is the kinder thing to do.

  • I am a supporter. My wife cheats on occasion. We don't have an open marriage persay, but it's not restrictive either. She's a bit of an exhibitionist. She goes topless whenever possible and she rarely wears panties. She likes "accidentally" showing off her naughty parts. I think it's hot.

  • So glad to hear that , please help her and encourage her to use her sexuality and enjoy life

  • Oh Stephanie I remember your post and I was certain you would do it again. I would love to read more of your tales

  • That's very nice , I've done so many things I don't even know where to start

  • Start as far back as you can remember

  • It started in my friends hot tub ,she had invited me over many times I finally caved in one night when my husband was out of town. I wrote this on an earlier confession here any way after some drinks and what ever I ended up being bent over the side of the hot tub for the men that were their to enjoy . They did enjoy me and from their with help of my friend it's almost all I think about. Every morning when my husband leaves for work I can't wait to see what the day may bring.

  • Tell us more sweetheart. ... what happenned afterwards. ..

  • I continue more than you could ever know to meet with and have sex with men. I simply can't get enough

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