My older sister was my first

When I was in my mid teens, my older sister who was 18 or 19 told me that Mom wanted her to explain to me about sex. I knew that it was a lie. My family was way religious and there is no way my mom said that. But I wanted to roll with it any way.

She came to my room in the basement that night. My parents room was upstairs. I don't remember how it all started, but I do remember her showing me how to play with her boobs. She said not to, "Sweaty palm them" and showed me how to play with her nipples. I don't remember if I sucked them.

I should add that my sister had a great figure, and all the guys in the neighborhood gave her lots of attention. I suppose that she was good looking from all the attention that she received.

I don't remember what else happened or how it transpired, but I do remember that my dick was in her and I was on top. It was my first time playing with boobs and sex. I remember her asking if I came yet. And when I said no, she said good and had me stop. It was just a one time thing.

The only other thing that happened with her was me in her room one night and her saying that her pussy was ugly, I said that they aren't. She opened her legs and showed me up close with the light on. She said look at all these colors, it's ugly. I told her that it looked good to me. I should have recognized that as an invitation, but I was brought up way religious and was afraid of going to hell for sex, so I just left her room awkward like.

With my adult mind, and minus the religious programing now, I now know I could have had all kinds of sex with her. I'm sure that I could have had blow jobs, fucked, perhaps 69'd. But I never made a move because I didn't want to go to hell. But in retrospect now, my teen years would have been much more fun if I didn't worry about going to hell and just had lots of sex with my sister.

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  • My hot older sister was my first as well. Real, full, explorative sex that happened as often as we could steal time together to do it. That was when I was in high school and living at home. Then, when I went to college, it was all systems GO with her. She'd visit my dorm suite, then, apartment, many weekends and sometimes during the week, as a pop-in visit (she'd gone to the same college years earlier and didn't mind the hour's drive).

    That's really when we got wild, once we were away from the friendly confines of the hometown, and anyone who may have seen my car at her apartment "too often", including overnights. Even though we fucked like animals, and, often, when I was in college, I now realize..We really could have done SO much more! For real, I had more than one roommate/apartment mate who either worked a lot, or went back home on weekends, and really could have practically moved her in with me if I'd wanted. As it was, she had a storage box (like a rubbermaid bin) of a few clothes, shoes, etc, in my closet. If I'd timed it correctly, she could have been pulling into the parking lot as he, one guy who went home a lot, was leaving.. Damn.

  • If I could have gone back and lived life over again without all the religious programing, I would have started up a regular thing with her too. If we both wanted sex, why not please each other and get off too. I'm sure she would have been happy too. But it was a one time thing. Lucky you to have it be a regular thing.

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