I want to be taken

I'm a 17 year old girl. Beautiful black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I'm 5'6" and have nice lips and big tits. I have freaky fetishes and kinks.

A lot of people don't understand me. In everyday life I can be pretty bossy and demanding, but sexually I'm a masochist and sub. I would love for a guy to beat the hell out of me and rape me. I want him to bruise me everywhere and fuck me all he wants and use me as a sex toy.

I'm also into DDLG. I want to be someone's little baby girl. I want him to be sweet to me and care for me.

But I'd also be willing to merge my BDSM and DDLG. My BIGGEST fantasy is to be taken by a much older man into the woods and raped there. I want to be his little baby girl sex toy and for him to do to me whatever he wanted. To rape my virgin little girl pussy until it bleeds. I would enjoy it so very much!

Kisses! xx

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  • This child needs a magor bare buttom spanking from either her mommy or daddy. If i caught any off my kids on site like this and talk that way. Their bottoms would be glowing red for a month and grounded and early bed time for a long time. Our daughters get spanked for alot less. Shes a brat..

  • Someone needs to teach ignorant girls reality. i.e. WANT and RAPE is a contradiction in terms. This is a good and part of why the actual 'r' word is becoming antiquated. Better suited for this is imperative sexual relations or assertive sexual relations.
    As such, within several years, the ridiculous concept of the 'r' word will for the most part, be obsolete & take on an entire different meaning. Courts are already engaged in such a task.

  • I would love to be a slave with you to a great master i am a guy

  • Too bad you don't like younger guys

  • I would like to know all of you fetishes and kinks please.

  • Sure. Got Snapchat?

  • Where are you? Love to help you with your fantasy.

  • USA

  • Wow hot

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