Someone needs to know

Not sure if this is the right place for confessing, but I need to somehow get it out there.

That new job I started 6 months ago? I lied when I said it got easier. Far from it, I still hate it. What kept me there was meeting a very special coworker, one who I had been seeing more and more often, on and off work. Let's call him Harry, but I'm sure my husband would realise who I mean in a heartbeat.

He had been so supportive in keeping up with work and it happened during a late night at the office. Our first kiss, turning into the most passionate and aggressive making out I had in years. Harry showed me the support and passion my husband failed doing, Harry got repaid in kind. It might have been a one off, if not for Harry being simply good at fucking. The many times and ways we pleased each other is just too good to give up.

Honestly, I have no intention of stopping seeing Harry, unless I leave my job. And my husband only encourages me to put up with the stupid shit there, just cause the money is good. I guess one day I will get the courage to let him know the real price of this.

10 months ago

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