Driving Naked

I like to drive naked.

I especially like when the sun is streaming across my tits and I can drive in light traffic with the windows down and the sunroof open.

I like getting thumbs-up from guy-- usually they're in trucks a bit taller than my car because they can see all of me.

Once, a guy waved money out his car window and followed me a long ways hoping, I guess, that I was a prostitute advertising myself. I didn't pull over for him.

I fantasize about a guy reaching in the open window to fondle my breasts. Like maybe the flagman in road construction.

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  • Can you send on k I k ?

  • When we go on long drives I wear sexy panties, bras, makeup and a wig, my wife wears panties and bras we have two coats for when we get out but the truckies and people in buses get a great look

  • My hot older sister drove naked fairly often. Even took me to a part-time job I had, driving naked, a few times. Guy drivers loved it, as did the guys who worked at the garage I worked at. She ate up the attention, would flirt with them, and give them as many looks as they wanted. First time she did it was b/c she didn't feel like throwing on clothes or even a t-shirt to take a nude suntanning break, so, just drove naked. After that, it became a thing..

  • I don't just drive naked , I go to places that I know men/guys are hanging out . So I can get some before I go home to my husband

  • That's not very nice, don't whore yourself around start getting decent, your husband does not deserve a does of clap because you are being a slut

  • I make sure I always have rubbers

  • That is really good sweetie you are so considerate don't let them in your nice pussy without coverage

  • Very nice, we do something similar I get dressed in my sexy suspender panties, bra, stockings, heels with my maids outfit on my wife makes me up and puts a wig on we then drive to another town and book into a motel for the night then we get a home delivery meal and I have to fool around getting the money etc. giving the boy a great look, when I thank him and call him back for his tip he know's I am cross dressed, later in the evening I will change into a sexy see through blouse and short skirt and we will have a walk around but I am not game to go into a club or hotel yet, these weekends always end up with such red hot sex for us.

  • Yea hot call me to play with ya that's hot

  • Sorry baby I only play this game with my wife and delivery boys

  • Nice like to role play .I'm in Helen Ga

  • I think this is more common than people know. I also love to drive around naked. Sometimes if I can't sleep I drive around at night, but I too love that sun on your tits breeze in your hair feeling!

  • I pick my husband up from the airport naked like two or three times a year. Gives him something to look forward to after being on a long flight.

  • Also I have pictures if anyone wants to see.

  • Love to see pics I write scripts so let sit down write and make it happen I'm ready to day contact if interested 706 three nine one two sixth Four three

  • I texted you.

  • U text me .let me see if I got it

  • You get it?

  • Pics I'll take some

  • Gimme your email :)

  • Guyshook1@gmail.com

  • I mailed you.

  • Nice! I often drove home late after long days at work, and I drive with my cock out so I can play with it to keep myself awake. It's always at night so unfortunately no one can see...

  • On long road trips my husband drives pantsless so I can suck him so he stays awake

  • Try it in daytime, too! It's great!

  • Let's ride nuded to nite

  • I'll have to try it!

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