Petite girlfriend

My girlfriends pussy is tiny and bald. She has these cute pussy lips that resemble a peach, eating her out always gets me hot. I was showing my pal pics of it and he was saying what a lucky bastard i was. Just over a year ago, my wish came true to see her pussy take a pounding. I told her to put some sexy clothes in we were going for a drive. I took her to a well known dogging spot, (unknown to her) and signalled someone to come over by flashing the lights. She was very confused and thought it was a test to see if she'd cheat on me. I assured her it was a big turn on and it's what i wanted. A man came to the window, he was about late 50s (she's 26 I'm 32) he looked alright. I opened the window, peeled up her pvc mini skirt, to reveal her little pussy. The mans mouth dropped and he immediately got his cock out and started playing with himself. He had a short but very fat one, much to my pleasure. He pulled on her nipple through the window while i rubbed her thigh. She relaxed and i asked the man to get in the back with her. They both got on the back seat and he asked if he could taste her, i said yes. He sniffed her pussy for ages, running his nose up and down her slit, i was wanking at this point. He then licked her and said her pussy is so young, small, and sweet and he would love to fuck her. My girlfriend hesitated but i took charge and told her she was getting fucked, she moaned and agreed. He spat on his hand and rubbed it in his cock, then little by little eased into her, once they got into it, it was a memory I'll have etched on my brain for ever. This fat cock, stretching her pussy flaps right out, I've never seen them splayed so wide, the cream on his cock from her was thick. He grunted and cum in her- without my permission i may add. I wasn't too happy at first but when i seen her pussy after he pulled out, it was well worth it, she oozed it all over the car seat. It looked fantastic. The man left and we sat for ages me fingering the cum inside her. Her pussy was twitching and i said to her you cum like a bitch for that old man. She said his cock is the cock I've been dreaming of. It made me so happy that my girl was so satisfied. I drove her home and fucked her. We've done it twice since with an older and younger gentleman.

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  • How does she rid herself of pubic hair?

  • My wife is 43 and she has paper thin little pussy lips there the same as when she was 13 that's when I started fucking her her pussy is very small witch is good because I got a little dick

  • Waxes.

  • I'd dribble my thick come over her slit any day

  • My friend came over to visit we was joking around about a time he fucked Susan Green at a party. Her ex boyfriend was there they had a bad break up he cheated on her. She had fucked Jerry before many times and wanted to piss off her ex. Knowing him seeing Jerry's thick fat 9 1/2" cock stretch her out would humiliate him. We hated the guy anyways a little punk ass got just the humiliation he deserved. My wife hearing the details of his size obviously knew he was much bigger than my 6 1/3" long cock. My wife eyes couldn't help glancing at his bulge I said go ahead pull it out and show her. My wife not saying a word was all smiles as he stood with it right in front of her. Go ahead stroke it and suck it enjoy it I told her. She didn't need me to ask twice she was all into it omg he is huge. Bet that would make your pussy orgasm I told her. He started stripping off her clothing and I asked if she wanted more. She giggled asking if I meant fucking I laugh asking if that's what she wants. Omg yeah she shoved 3 fingers inside her smile gripping his cock. Take her to her bed and fuck every ounce of cum out of her pussy. My friend lived up to it my wife was a complete slut and got stretched and worn out. She looked like a wet wash cloth and he kept going even taking her ass. Something I had never tried with her he squirted multiple loads in her over the next several days. After he would get done I would slip my little prick inside she was so stretched out either of us could feel the other

  • Yeah I would like to be ask to fuck a sexy couple or lady that can handle a 9 inch cock in Cleveland geogia contact me today I'm alone706 three nine one two six four three text sex to show that u won't to be a cumming slut today.repectful and very clean sexy male I'm the one u can cum feeling me on u

  • Well thats funny cos i just seen you comment on another post saying your a female. So stop bullshitting you dick head

  • That's to the 'cleveland' jackass by the way

  • She will probably end up with the jack

  • Hell yes!!

  • Hot as fuck I'd love to go dogging

  • I was unsure when my husband suggested it, now I need it at least twice a month. There's nothing like strangers getting hard for you, and helping them cum!

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