Suburban housewife club

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood. It's fairly upscale, with a lot of nice parks nearby, good schools, and away from the city riff raff. The people are really nice, many helped us unpack and move in, and we got to know people pretty quickly. It was a warm welcome.

I made friends with three women on our street, and we've been going out walking three or four times a week. We're all late 20's, attractive, married, stay at home moms with young kids. We usually chat about our husbands or kids, and all of us have a quirky sense of humor. A lot of the things we talk about are a little racy. When we finish walking, we usually go to one of our houses for a late morning margarita or bloody mary, just enough for a slight buzz.

It wasn't until my third meetup with them that I understood what they were about. One of the women started talking to another one about her outfit and how hot she looked. It was all "Your ass looks delicious, girl" and "Your tits look so suckable in that lycra top." The woman in question pulled down her top and started getting her tits sucked. The clothes started coming off and they asked me join them. I had never been with women before, but felt some peer pressure, so I did.

We've been having lesbian sex regularly, and I must admit that it has been lovely. None of our husbands know, and I feel guilty about it, but my friends can lick clit like experts. It's hard to resist that kind of talent, especially when it makes my legs shake every time. It's addictive.


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  • Update on the club....we are not actively or openly recruiting other women; however, we had an open bunko night and had agreed to behave. Outside friends were invited in order to freshen up the game. While I was in the kitchen getting another drink, one of my friend's friend came in, put her hand on the small of my back and asked if I needed a hand. My panties flooded. A few hours and a few drinks later, we snuck into the bathroom. We didnt really say anything as it was all subtle touches leading up to it. We kissed and she pulled up my skirt and ate me out. This club is turning out to be pretty awesome.

  • I just created a confession above. I’m only beginning my own relationship if this sort. I’ve never felt better in my life.

  • Met some ladies through the PTA last year and we decided to have a wine party. Things got a little frisky and I let one finger me on the lanai. Since then I have met up with a couple of the other ladies. I ate Helen out and found out that it really turned me on. I agree that is has made things at home less tense.

  • Same here. I have a great small group of GF's that have become accustomed to enjoying a mid day adventure. The small group is best because not everyone may always be interested, but typically there is at least 1 or 2 in the group.

  • It would be great if more women understood how much it improves things at home. We have a small group of women that like to play nights and bunk typically. But because we get a good release together, there is less tension in our homes. All of our husbands are successful and often have to work hard to provide us the lifestyle in an affluent N Tampa neighborhood. Trust me as long as you all can keep it small and in check, your lives will be improved by this experience and bond.

  • That is so good darling, you should let your husband know it will certainly improve your sex life, I have had a Lesbian relationship since before we were married and continued to this day my girlfriend lives away now but she comes to visit three or four times a year for a week at a time during her stays my husband moves into the spare bedroom and I lock him in a chastity cage, we both humiliate him so much making him wear female clothing and making him up plus wigs and heels, we like him watching us have sex he gets so horny but can't do anything about it after the week when I release him he just goes crazy.

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