My sexual awakening

I have a sister who is two years older than me. I was a pretty small kid growing up and my sister and I enjoyed a pretty normal childhood. One day when I was eleven my sister and I were sitting on the floor playing cards when my sisters friend Tori came to visit. I was sitting with my back to the door and didn’t see Tori when she bounded into the room, tried to jump over me and tackled my sister. She didn’t quite make it over me because her knee hit me in the back of the head as she tumbled over us and we all rolled around on the floor. Tori ended up flat on her back with my sister on top of her and me in between. My head was pinned on Tori’s left leg, my sisters body on top of me. I tried to move but my sisters weight kept my head on Tori’s knee as the two of them tussled. Then my sister grabbed Tori’s right knee and did something that changed my life forever.

While pinned between the two of them my sister grabbed Tori’s right knee and pushed it back, spreading Tori’s legs wide. With my head pinned on Tori’s left thigh I couldn’t help but watch as Tori’s running shorts got moved aside. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath and her pussy became completely exposed! My face inches away. She was a strawberry blond and I could see the light strands of pubic hair around her pussy and the folds of her pussy lips. I had never seen a pussy up close and suddenly there was one just inches from my face, undulating and thrusting in front of me. My first instinct was to not look, to turn my head, but I couldn’t. I just watched her pussy as it moved and gyrated as the two girls bucked and wrestled. I think the most exciting part was that Tori had no idea she was exposing herself to me because she was busy wrestling my sister! In my mind this lasted forever, but I’m sure it was no more than a minute. A minute I’ll never forget…even twenty years later.

I’d like to tell you that I fucked Tori or something like that, but it never happened. My face did get even closer to her exposed pussy as I finally got unpinned. And there were other times during the summer when I would cop a feel of both the girls breasts…and I KNOW both girls each took many grabs of my cock while we horsed around that summer, but that was the extent of our physical contact.

But that event definitely marked my sexual awakening and I’ve been hungry for sex ever since.

Everyone has an event like that in their lives. An event that opened their eyes and bodies to sex. What was your experience?

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  • Im a single father of an 11yr old girl. Her pal whos same age had sleep over last week. They came into lounge close to bed time. My little doll was wareing her useualy short nighties and her pal was wareing very short and loose shorts and small loose top. They bought started wrestle with me on couch and i could see bought of them had no panties. I got to look at bought their hairless pussys and little clits. I also got to see their budding breast. No bigger than golfball size boobs. I did get to touch their bare pussysnand asses and fondled their tiny boobs. Shes staying again tonight and tomorrow. Looking forword to it..

  • Mine came when I was 12. My family and another family went to the Caribbean together and stayed in adjoining rooms. On day 3 of the trip, I got a ridiculous sunburn and was forced to spend day 4 in the tub with aloe vera and moisturizer to try and dull the pain. My mother's friend, Sandy, came to the room to check on me since my mom was at her massage appointment. She caught me staring at her cleavage while she sat on the edge of the tub. She popped her top off, hugged me into her cleavage, then kissed me on the cheek and told me that she hoped that made me feel better. I was so pumped up I could have run out to the beach, jumped in the ocean and killed a shark. As you might imagine, I've been a boob guy ever since.

  • Somehow it got posted twice. Don't know why.

  • Old repeat story

  • My sister would try to wrestle me all the time which led to much of the same thing you mentioned but more. She was an early bloomer in the chest department and would come out wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. She would pretend to get mad when I would wrestle her around and hold her and it just so happened that my fingers were playing with her nipples or I would rub my face on her crotch. Finally one time when we were going at it I boldly pulled her shorts aside and started licking her, she gave no resistance at all and soon her shorts were off, legs spread wide and my tongue was buried in her. I think she loved starting things then getting her clothes pulled off while she fought it but then gave into the pleasure, that is how most of the wrestling ended up, her with no clothes left on and me doing what ever I wanted to her with no resistance.

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