Wanting mom to catch me

I'm 25my moms 50 she doesn't have a banging body or anything but for the last couple years I've been trying to get caught by her while im naked stroking my cock fantasizing and hoping she wouldn't be too shocked to were she will come in and sit at the door of my bad and watch me while I look at her exposing her tits for me to jerk to. Than she joins in and helps stroke my dick and than kissing and licking it even using her tits to stroke my cock. After awhile she full on gives me a sloppy blowjob deepthroating me and sucking my balls and even tonguing my asshole until I cum. I've felt like this ever since one night about 3 years ago I came home drunk and not remembering I ended up naked full spread on my bed and from what i remember I was having a dream of getting my dick sucked and when I woke up my dick was hard and was moist and felt like someone sucks it So i put a robe on and as I leave my room it being in the basement I see my mom standing at the washer andI'll never forget the look she gave me it was like she knew she was just enjoying her son's big cock in her mouth. I brought it uplast October but she denied it and I said in a text I've been waiting for her to catch me for the longest but didn't get the reaction I hoped for. How can I get my fantasy to unravel while I'm awake or give me better chances of her catching me? I already leave my doors unlocked while playing but still haven't happened. I've even one night stood over her while she sleeps and strikes my cocked to her and lightly touched her tits but I want more I want so much more. Help

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  • So wish it happens for you. I once simply asked my mom to wake me ready for a friend's party, if I fell to sleep. She knocked on my bedroom door, but I made no sound, so she came in as I'd planned. I lay there pretending to be asleep with my cock fully exposed and hard. I knew she was looking at it and must have thought about doing something as she stayed for about 20 seconds. Sadly she then left the room and didn't suck my cock as I had hoped. Always hoped to eat her pussy and fuck her but have to settle for suckin juices from her panties.

  • My mom has stopped me to physically turn my hips toward her while she sat. She looked at me like your move. There was a 4 month period where I did things to see if she would bite. For years I believe she considered touching me sexually. I always dreamed of my moms mouth sucking me. I would have loved to see her sex drive go up while she was always looking to sneak off to suck my cock. I asked years later if she ever thought about it but she said no. I could almost see her embarrassement. I believe she was going to suck me if I would have just unbuttoned. Another time she had me show her my cock up close to check a little freckle and I could tell she made sure she wrapped me with most her hand. My dream is to see her just walk in drop my pants and take me in her mouth. She knows I want her to suck me. I let her know just months ago. I'm almost pos. she has thought about sucking or more about me. My aunt admits she would love to suck me in few words so I know it's came up. I can't imagine watching my mom sucking and licking me until I come. What a dream.

  • Yeah I've done similar things. I actually believe my mom ducked me off once when she found me naked blacked out from drinking. I woke up my dick wet and fully hard and she was just outside my room and the look she gave me gave it away. I asked her about it but she denies it. Just wish she would open up and tell me because in can tell from her look she enjoyed her son's huge cock in her mouth.

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