My husband wants me to get pregnant by someone else.

My husband and I have not been married long. Less than two years. I told him I want to start a family really soon. Almost from the start he wanted me to pretend I wanted another lover. At first I resisted but he asked what's wrong with roll play and fantasy. I started giving him what he wanted. He wanted me to tell him stories of sex with other men during our love making . I told him I would if he helped me climax first . Afterwards I would tell him whatever story he wanted to get him off. Now he is telling me he gets really excited thinking about me getting pregnant and having another man's baby. This really is freaking me out. I told him that he really doesn't mean it. This is just another fantasy. He insists that he would be super turned on for me to have risky sex with another man . I told him never . Not only that I will never sleep with another man period. I decided to research this and it seems that some men really like this idea. A few actually want to go through with it. I find this very disgusting and sick. He suggested that I could start small by performing oral sex on any man of my choice. I told him he's the only man I'm going to do anything with and to stop asking me. I feel like I'm not enough for him and he makes me feel very cheap. He insists that he would really love for me to do anything with someone else. Including giving birth to another's child. Very disturbing. I'm trying to get him to agree to counseling. Not getting anywhere so far.

1 month ago


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    • So I had this same problem with my wife. I wanted her to do this stuff for me and she just did the role play. The whole time it was eating her up inside because she was willing to try and make me happy without going to far past her moral beliefs. I recommend you let him know how it hurts you and do not playcate the idea. If you do not like it or want, do not even budge. It will tear your marriage apart and you will be bitter at your husband. I been married 15 years and I love my wife more than anything in this world. Had I known how much pain I was causing her, I would have never pushed for this. The marriage has to come first and you have to let him know the pain it actually causes. If he loves you, he wont want to see you hurting from that. My wife wanted me to just want her so bad and I never understood it until now

    • Stop being a fucking prude. Open those holes for anyone who will have them and release the slut that you really are. I have news for you, ARE cheap. Start acting like it. Your body doesn't belong to you anymore, so get used to being used like the slut you are. If he wants 12 huge cocks trading you around like a baseball card, just shut the fuck up and do it. You have three holes...use them what they're for, whore.

    • My wife did, she would do any thing with any one I wanted.

    • Don't do it unless he is shooting blanks and can't get you pregnant. It will be the end of your marriage. Even if he doesn't change his mind, in your mind you will realize that he can't possibly love you the way you want him to love you.

    • If you dont want it and he is adamant, divorce .

    • Yes do it....... i also asked my wife of 4 years to get pregnant by someone else... when i took her to divorce court i showed DNA/ Paternity tests.. and that was it bye bye

    • As a retired health care provider and can confirm that this is a VERY common and very OLD sexual fetish. It is older than written history. Long before "Free Love," fertility surgery and IVF were available, Impregnation or Breeding parties were hosted, attended and blessed by even the most wholesome and devout, to help childless couples in the parish conceive.

      The most famous example is in the Bible. Every time Cuckoldry is debated Joseph's name comes up as the most respected cuck.

      During the Luis and Clark Expedition, the American natives often offered their wives to the surprised travelers. From genetics and written history we know this was common practice in many tribes, cultures and peoples and on every continent.

      Our ancestors didn't know why it was but did know inbreeding was bad. Before the three Abrahamic religions achieved prudish dominance, it was often considered rude to not offer a wife or boy as sexual 'entertainment' (right in the living room) when men came to visit.

      Having children that all looked like your husband was actually rather rare. One text is of a Roman Creaser's wife who's children all looked like their father. When asked how that was, her reply was that she would only take on a visitor when she was already pregnant. At the time this answer was considered scandalous, far fetched and at best; proof she was a 'terrible hostess.'

      Other notables in history are; Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods, (hotwife) Lady Elizabeth Melborne's (cuckolded) husband "Lord of the Bedchamber" who job it was to watch them rut.

      Before you drag your husband into therapy you should be aware that Psychology today is currently reversing themselves from the Christian centric past.

      Most current research articles being published on sex in relationships are showing improvements in mental, physical and marital health from participating the very fetishes and practices that had been seen as immoral abhorrent behaviors of the past.

    • Do it, you will love your sex life after. He wants this more than you know.

    • He is a mad prick you should think of what you are going to do when your relationship falls apart.

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