Bi sexual but my husband has no clue

When I went to college I lucked out my first semester and got along really well with my roommate. We decided at the end of first year to be roommates for second year and before the holiday break we were sleeping together. Neither one of us had ever been with a woman but for some reason we just clicked. We would spend hours just pleasuring each other sometimes and it was one of the best times sexually for me.
We still see each other often but with kids and lives it has been a few years since we have made love to each other. Unfortunately her marriage did not work out and she is busier than ever doing it on her own. She tells me all the time to keep Brian happy sexually and not let boredom get into the bedroom.
I found this weekend art show that was happening about an four hours away and asked her if she wanted to attend it. She was able to have her son stay with her parents and we were off, two nights together in a hotel. We had so much fun that first day just looking at all the exhibits, eating and walking along the lake. We checked into the hotel with plans to just put everything away then go back out and have dinner. I was standing by the end of the bed having just opened my suitcase when she came up behind me and hugged me. She thanked me for inviting her out for the weekend but as she was hugging me I could feel her hand cupping one of my breasts. I told her that I was really glad to get away with her too because it had been to long since we had done anything together. I felt her lips on the back of my neck and she gave me a few kisses across it, this in turn sent tingles all the way down my spine and she knew it. Her hand left my breast and she slid it under my shirt then pushed my bra up and her fingers found my nipple quickly, she breathed into my ear that she missed me so much. When our sexual relationship started about 16 years ago this was one of her favorite things to do, walk up behind me and hug me, then run her hands all over my body. She often would lay on top of me in bed kissing and caressing my back, bum and legs.
She turned me around and we kissed passionately for a few minutes then she began undressing me and I her, we pulled back the blankets and made love for a few hours. Dinner was great and when we got back to our room we both started getting ready for bed but once we got into it the energy started again and it was a few hours before we fell asleep.

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  • Why didn't you tell your husband about you and your friend way back? There's no need for secrets

  • What if hubby sucks cock or gets fucked in the ass by his bud? Are you okay with that? Bet he does.

  • I think this is more common than people think. My wife's best friend has been her best friend since middle school, they are like sisters. I remember hearing rumors in high school that they were bi, but they were a couple of years behind me and didn't know them very well. It was also the early 90's so it was much more taboo then. We were set up on a date after college and she confirmed their relationship about our third or fourth date. We fell in love and married, and have children. I have no doubt she loves me with all her heart, but they still see one another from time to time and I'm okay with that. Her friend's husband does not know. I have not been with them, but I have seen
    a video. I would love to fuck both of them, but also don't mind cucking in this situation. Guys talk like if their wife told them they'd be all for it...maybe, maybe not in reality. I could see how your husband could feel betrayed if he found out now. I knew what I was getting into from the beginning, and don't mind if my wife "scratches her itch" with her friend.

  • That is just so great darling, a female/female relationship is fantastic it is a lot better if your husband knows and supports you I had a female relationship with my best friend in high school and it continues to this day we are both married with kids and both our husbands know often they will take the kids for a day so we can enjoy each other

  • I think you write a post about that

  • I have made a few because I am so happy with our situation we just keep it to ourselves don't flaunt it, there is no envy or arguments and our husbands still get sex whenever they want both have oral, anal, vaginal and masturbation xx

  • Darling I can remember some of your posts they made me pretty wet although I have not had a bi relationship you have me very interested I have started seeing a girl from work who is very hot we like each other and kiss and cuddle when we meet, I have patted her bum a few times and she appears to like it, I am keen to move on with this relationship and would just love it if my husband knew and understood, how about a post giving me and other like minded females some tips, please advise your name so we can look out for them xx

  • You are going very well sweetie, just keep up the kissing ensure your lips linger, cuddling as much as possible and when you pat her bum start holding a cheek and place your fingers in her crack caressing, hold hands as much as possible and take her to a special dinner to hint at your feelings when you are confident, you will know when, I am pretty sure you should get a positive response if you don't rush things then just start hinting to your husband about sexual feelings for her and keep it up, he will get the message so you should have no worries about getting caught, keep things discreet and between yourselves and you should have a wonderful time, here's hoping xxx

  • Just remember when you start holding her bum cheeks and putting your fingers in her crack she will initially pull in but after a couple of times you will find she is pushing out to meet you, that indicates she is really getting hot for you, ensure you give her a extra special kiss and cuddle to show you appreciate it, all the best xx

  • Oh stfu u knobhead

  • Let your husband know i think he will put his own Spice's to this

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