So thick

So my FIL admitted the other week he has always fancied me since his son brought me home and on many occasions wanted to fuck me. He has always taken me out to places just me and him without his wife etc. The other night I came downstairs and he was there and we just looked at each other he was in a nightgown and he just grabbed me and we staring passionately kissing and he opened his gown and his cock omg is soo thick I couldn't believe it! We had to stop as we heard someone coming downstairs but I so want him bad now and said he will book us a hotel for two nights and we can fuck all night. He has such massive fingers as well I just keep fantasising about him doing stuff to me. I know I shouldn't but his cock is so much thicker and I can't stop thinking about us fucking the tension. I do love my husband and that is why I think I can't do it

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  • Just the TIP .....haha

  • Lol coop is that you

  • FIL is nothing more than a pussy chaser and a lecherous old perv. He looks at you as another cunt to fuck and has you down for an easy mark. Your whorish notion of justifying things just to satisfy an urge is disgusting. Quit thinking with you pussy and start using your brain. Your marriage will be over the second you give in to any temptation with FIL no matter how you try to justify. If you truly loved your husband there wouldn't even consider the FIL. Consider the practicalities alone like family dynamics and what the estrangement will be like once the shit hits the fan. MIL will likely divorce FIL and you will lose your husband and your home. Put it another way, what if your husband was fooling around with your mother, or sister, or best friend simply because he fancied their tits, or ass or thought they were much fitter than you? Seriously, are you that shallow that what you perceive to be a large penis is enough to throw your husband and marriage away?

  • Love, you say that you think you can’t do it. But in the same breath you admit that you can’t stop fantasizing about what you saw. And it isn’t that he is thicker … it’s that he’s SO MUCH thicker. You say ‘I know I shouldn’t’ and then add, ‘BUT…’

    Many times, he has taken you places with just the two of you. He’s promised to arrange another get-away.

    That he grabbed and kissed you at all shows that he knew you were ready for this. That you responded passionately confirms to him everything he thought. You also know that he is burning with passion for you. That is very arousing to you. You’re fantasizing uncontrollably. You fantasize compulsively about his very thick, heavy cock. You’re already imagining him penetrating you. You can’t help it. You admit that you want to so badly! And the more you think about it, the more tension it builds – in you!

    He intends to build and build and build and build that tension until you’re ready to explode. You say you think you can’t. Yet everything else you say, think, feel and fantasize points the other direction. Of course you love your husband. But what is it that has you running so hot? It’s those hands, thick fingers and very thick cock – and knowing how he is going to use them on you that has you. Since he’s going to keep upping the ante, and you’re going to fantasize more and become more and more aroused, I’d like to know how you expect to spend all that tension if you don’t.

    You body is demanding that you spend yourself over and over and over and over on his thick, plunging cock. You'll keep aching until you do. Millions of years of evolutionary biology has prepared you for this. I think one more look at that cock and you're a gonner.

  • Exactly what my FIL did to me and yes I broke down and gave myself to him willingly and now he comes over about every other day and he knows he can have his way with me at the drop of his hat so to speak. He has his way with me for hours and by the time he leaves I am sore and worn out but still I let my husband do his thing but more and more his small skinny cock leaves me just hanging. Only his Dad can make me cum and boy does he ever.

  • Isn’t it the most extraordinary thing! As much as you love your husband, it IMMEDIATELY begins affecting your sex life with him as soon as you experience a truly man-sized cock! Isn’t it absolutely AMAZING the difference that makes! Isn’t it amazing that after being told all your life that this doesn’t matter, that you’re not supposed to do this – your own body [or rather, his body] teaches you that this is EXACTLY what you need, and that Nature INTENDS for this to happen. Isn’t it simply astonishing to realize that you’re SUPPOSED to do this – simply because Nature rewards you for it … with all those hot, throbbing, pumping, burning, juicing orgasms! Isn’t it amazing how perfectly, beautifully, pleasurably and completely you were conquered by him – simply because his cock is so thick, so heavy, and so large! Isn’t it just astonishing how quickly and how perfectly that big, fat cock got you addicted – hooked? Isn’t the difference between ‘he can’t’ and ‘he sure does’ absolutely incredible?

    Aren’t you glad Dad persisted? For sure, you now know that small and skinny doesn’t spell ‘RELEASE!’ Reading this – doesn’t it make you realize that you wish Dad was inside you now? Don’t you agree that you HAVE to have thick and large, that your body will DEMAND this of you and MAKE you go for what you need? Don’t you feel more womanly? Isn’t it absolutely glorious to learn that though you thought you knew all about sex – you’re just getting started?

    And doesn’t all this kind of make your earlier reluctance seem a bit … silly?

  • Can you handle the guilt after the deed is done?

  • Fuck him. YOLO. But tell him this is a one time occurrence. let him know he can do whatever he wants to you but after that one night you are never to speak of this again. The passion will be insanely hot knowing you will never have the chance again. Trust me on this.

  • Once he gets that cock into her man she will not want to stop, trust me on this.

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