Should i give in?

I've been tempted about this for quite some time. and most people would probably say i shouldn't even consider it, and that i'm sick for even thinking about it, but honestly, a lot of people have at least had fantasies about it.
for quite some time now, i've been having really hot sexual fantasies about my brother (i'm a woman, 33, he's 28). the thing is, these fantasies didn't come from nowhere... about ten years ago, he and i did have sex.
we did it quite a few times over a couple of months. he was a curious high school kid, i'm hipersexual (undiagnosed back then), we were both really attractive and horny. it was mostly fooling around for me, but he made the mistake of becoming the first man to ever make me cum for real. i was hooked after that. it turned me on that he had just turned 18 and i still caled him little brother, but he was capable of pleasuring me in ways that older men didn't even try to.
it wasn't long until we decided to stop. it was hard to be discreet, we almost got caught, and it was outright wrong. we still remained close and talked often about sex, very openly. i could tell he jerked off thinking of me after hearing my stories, i knew because he was loud every time... and, in turn, that set me off and i masturbated thinking of him, but we never had sex again.
except now i've been having really hot fantasies about him. lately he's also been making flirty comments, very sexual in nature. last week at a family dinner, he commented on how much he liked the way my dress "veiled my ass", for example.
he's become this 28 year old gentleman that fits my type, i have the hots for him, and he know what his comments do to me. we're both adults, both single, both capable of having sex responsibly, and both very obviously attracted to each other. would it be so wrong if i gave in and suggested we get together?

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  • Come chat with me on privatei'm stroking my cock right now fantasizing about you

  • Glad to let you know that we did it. Long story short, we met casually fro brunch yesterday, there was this flirty vibe but neither of us acted on it (at least I wasn't planning to, I just wanted to see what happened).
    Out of the blue he stood up and kissed me, in public (no one around that knew us, fortunately). He then whispered to my ear "I must have you". Got me going real quick. Half an hour later we were at his place.
    He was so horny he called me "his whore". I'd never been called that by a man during sex. I liked it, turned me on enough to cum rather quick. He came inside me too. I've taken care of it now, but the feeling was glorious, I'd neve felt his cum inside me before.
    We spent the whole day inside. We fucked until his penis was sore, we only stopped to order some food. We stayed the whole day naked, talking about how unfulfilled we felt sexually. Sex had never felt this good for me, and he agrees. We intend to keep this going as long as we can.

  • You can be my whore do you like that I'm jacking off to your story you're such a slut I can't get enough of it comes out with me in private seriously

  • You're a smart woman to take my advice. Of course like any woman, you adore feeling this man, in this case your brother, ejaculate deep in your vagina. I'm sure it is a warm, loving, emotional sensation for a woman to feel a man giving his total being to her with his loving, steady spurts of semen!! I hope when you state that you've "taken care of it now", it means that you're on the pill or other reliable form of contraception. It's excellent & special when a brother can seduce his sister in such a intimate fashion ; especially a older sister. I relate to your experience well due to my sister & I being precisely the same ages when we first engaged in our sexual relations. She had a tubal ligation performed on her years earlier. We frequently carried on for well over two years & hopefully your affair with your brother will last as well.

  • Look girl, there is nothing you're "giving" in to here. Indeed, HE is making the selection here & he is choosing you. You simply comply to the man's, in this particular case, your brother's, needs. Should you?? Beyond dispute, ABSOLUTELY!! He is a gentleman. I on the other hand, would have taken you months ago, if not years. Now, get on the pill & start pleasing this Man!!

  • You have both done it before, so what's the problem and you want to do it again, you have lived with it and got over the taboo plus the more wrong it is the more exciting it is, why get frustrated which you both obviously are,
    get on with it make each other happy start fucking again, sent him a test saying ime ready to fuck

  • If you're going to do this, you need to be able to live with it. So I can't see that you need our input. You need to answer this for yourself.

    With your brother.

    So you've seen his attention...
    And you recall your past ...

    Perhaps it's time to revisit this ...

  • It's a difficult arrangement obviously to the rest of today's culture. If you two are willing to jump through all the hoops to keep your relationship quiet then by all means be together.

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