I have a very strong urge to suck a better than average size cock. After doing that I want to put that larger cock in my wife until she reaches climax. After she reaches it I have a deep desire to feel it in my anus. I'm not sure how far the cycle needs to go through the evening or day or whatever but it definitely needs to take a course. I have a very beautiful wife and we have quite a story or history and I feel that my family really needs this. I know that she wants to watch me perform I know that she wants to see me take it from behind I know that she is very much interested in feeling the cock inside her mouth and vagina and maybe ain't is I don't know but this needs to happen. The thoughts are consuming my mind daily. I need an attractive man that's well endowed that wants us both and is able to keep it secret from my children. I am eager to please and satisfaction is a priority for me. Drop me a line!

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  • I also fantasize about sharing a dick with my wife, not sure im ready for anal, but def sharing bj

  • I let him or wanted him to take me that entire time she was away. When she got back I told her what happened she giggled as I was very detailed. Since the three of us have made sure to include this into our sex lives. We have need doing this now for over 18 years

  • I looked at my friend smiling and we rubbed our cocks together continue to compare. He then put me on my back and slapped his bigger cock across my smaller penis. He teased and joked you and your little prick are about to learn how big cock feels. The rush and pain as he held me down and shoved the head of his fat cock up my ass. I screamed it hurt no comparing to his size it was huge and hurt. Stronger he held me in place my cock went limp as his went up my ass. I felt him in my guts my penis was 2" long it was like he took the blood out or cut it off with his huge cock. Panic hit me as he still had several inches to go. Wait I screamed your to big he smiled telling me that I will be OK. I pleaded he told me I had two minutes to get hard if I did he would stop. I tried to stroke my penis making it hard to now success. I felt him shove every last inch up my ass I mean every centimeter I could feel. The saying the nerves are at the entry is bull shit. Being kind he just held me till I got use to his size the difference between us. I felt way bigger allot more thicker stretched out way deeper. When I got use to him he gave me the fuck on my life taking me every position. I'll admit I whimpered and cried a bit it hurt it was intense and amazing. I learned allot everything about what I always wondered with no regrets. Continue

  • My friend smiled pulling out his cock all the sex talk had him rock hard. He wiggled his cock saying I owe you your my best friend. The obvious gesture of taking my ass to show me the pleasure. We joked for a hour or so as I had reached my hand over and mouth sucking him off. I have always swallowed joking it was a way to show respect to his bigger cock. I confessed his cock just under 10" long but it was the 6 3/4" in girth that scared me to take up my virgin ass. He laugh suggesting to realize the difference getting a cock mold of my own cock to use first. This turned me on but also my long curiosity of the difference my wife felt would be answered. I left driving alone we agreed both going into the local sex shop would be awkward together. We have lived here our entire lives I got a molding kit. I made a replica and he used it on my after I duched my ass. I sucked his cock while her shoved my size cock up my ass. It hurt a little and took awhile to get use to and started to feel good. Slurping down his cum my own pleasure was satisfied as well. We joked and he moved my face back down to his cock. He gets a little bit aggressive you might say he was rock hard again telling my to just look at it next to my replica. The zip difference between us my cock 5 1/2" long and almost 5" around allot smaller. A rush ran thru as I enjoyed the moment comparing and letting my mind think.

  • Your not alone here I was 14 yrs old when changing with my best friend noting his cock was huge compared to mine. I complimented him we started comparing and jacking off even giving him a hand and blow jobs around that time. I love girls I'm in no way gay but I do like big cocks I realized and always imagine girls I was with fucking my friends huge cock. Years later my wife would be on the enjoyment side of getting the full of her little bodies life by his huge cock. To say she loved it is an understatement she was honest in her desires to wanting us to continue this. I had no problems with letting them enjoy each other. It was about 2 yrs into this open relationship my wife out of town for a couple weeks. My friend and I had been out fishing and came back to my place drinking beer. We talked about how his cock stretches out my wife's can't to her pleasures. Being drunk I said how I always imagine how she fills during sex even though she will go into details I want to know more it seems.

  • Sometimes fantasy is better than reality. I've had two guys with cocks so fat, I couldn't get them in my mouth. No way could I have taken them in my ass.

  • I'm not big, but I'm top side average at around 6.5" more .3" and my god I'm I desperate to try to find guys on here...

  • I think you should find a stud that's hung like a horse. Then find a strap-on to match. The stud does your wife and makes her climax, wailing like a banshee. Then you should do clean up. After this, she should take you with the strap-on.

    Same basic dynamics, but somehow more natural...

  • Hope you get this

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