Daughters boyfriend

I had been out witb my daughter and her boyfriend to celebrate my divorce, by the time we got home we had alll had a bit too much to drink. We all colapsed on the sofa , I lay with my head in Kerris lap and my bum and legs in Joel her boyfriends , we giggled about the night we had and as I moved I could feel Joels hard cock against my bum. I tried to move again but before I did Kerri gigled Joel seems to like you mom , why dont you show mom whats shes been missing Joel. I tried to say something but Kerri wrapped her arms around me and said relax and enjoy mom your going to be fucked, Joel pushed my dress up and moved between my legs pushing my panties to one side. I had never had a black cock before , Joel slowly pushed it inside me , I groaned and Kerri kissed my forehead , after a few minutes I could feel an orgasm sweeping over me and Joel pumping his seed deep into me .Kerri stroked my hair until I fell asleep, I woke up the next morning on the sofa and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on , I felt hands around my waist and slowly move up to my tits then bend me over then kitchen table , my dress pulled up and a cock enter and start to pound me , I could see Kerri come in the kitchen and say weve only just started mom enjoy your a black slut now , my legs began to tremble as I orgasmed again . .


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