Naked partying

My husband and I have been married for 15 years and we enjoy our sex life. I like being humiliated and he likes degrading me. He calls me dirty names and tells me to wear very revealing clothes in public.
Last Saturday we were on vacation and drinking at a beach bar. I was wearing a bikini with a see through cover up. After a few drinks, my husband told me to go to the bathroom and comeback without my bikini top, just my bottom and cover up. I hesitated but he said to do it. I went to the bathroom and came out with my breast exposed through the white cover up. He was at the bar and ordered a shot. When he got the shot he held it between my breasts and told me to squeeze my breasts to hold it for him then he took the shot out. It drew lots of attention to my breasts.
He asked the bartender where he could buy a joint. The bartender said he could hook him up after his shift and gave my husband his phone number. Later that night, My husband told me to wear a short skirt and my bikini underneath. He said the bartender had been checking me out and that I should be flirty and even flash him if I could. When we got there there was no one else there. I was excited to be a little dirty and smoke a joint. He invited us in and after we started smoking my husband said that my boobs looked great and asked the bartender guy if he liked them. He said yes, and my husband said you're driving us crazy already and untied my top. I sat topless with them smoking a joint on the balcony. My husband told him to feel them. He did and I was very humiliated and degraded and turned on. Suddenly the door burst open with several guys and a few girls who were roommates and friends of the bartender. I was high and topless on the balcony and reached for my top but my husband said no. The party came outside and I met everyone topless.
When they all sat around in a circle to smoke another joint, I sat on my husbands lap. When he passed the joint he said that I should be passed around as well. I had to hold the joint and rotate from person to person sitting on their laps topless to bring them the joint. The guys loved it and each felt me up. I was really high and drunk and sitting on a sofa still topless and my husband on one side and the bartender guy on the other side both were feeling me up. I was ready to leave and my husband said I had to do one last thing. He got up and told the bartender guy something and then they both took out their penises. He told me to suck them both right there in front of everyone. I sucked both of them.
I'm weird, I like being humiliated. When they finished I got up to wash up and then we said good bye to everyone. Finally my husband gave my top back to me right before walked out the door.

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  • My husband for the past 4 years has been doing the same thing with me but what he don't6 know is for the past 2 months the meter reader for our gas and electric A young Mexican has been having fun with me all on his own after catching me nude laying out in the sun in our back yard. I gave him a quicky BJ right then and there and asked him to stop by after he got off of work and told him my husband wont be home till around 6AM.
    All the time I sat there in the nude and he couldn't take his eyes off of me. Kissed me several times and I him and worked his way to my breasts and asked me if these were real and I told him yes no implants for me and he said awesome and he loved them drawing my nipples into his mouth. He apologized to me and said he would love to get together and asked if he could bring his brother with him and I said yes.
    %30 he and his brother showed up at the back door and came right in and he planted a big kiss right on my lips as his hands found my breasts and began kneading them and god he had me so turned on I couldn't even if I wanted to stop him. Both had sex with me for the next seven hours totally unprotected over and over again.

  • The bed was a mess and we all fell asleep Juan waking and started in getting me so turned on I had to ask him what time it was and he said 510 and again I told him my husband would be home around 6 he said no problem and began shoving his cock back into me, by this time Jose woak up and he put his cock against my lips and I began sucking him off and then Juan rammed his cock hard into me filling me with his cum once again made me almost choke on Juan's cock buried deep in my throat as he shot his load down my esophagus. Pulled out to let me breath. Juan asked me when we could get together again and I gave him my number and told him to call me any time and if I acted like I didn't know don't come by. Three days later we Juan and I were back at it again but this time my husband came home unexpectedly and almost caught Juan ball deep in me. He barely got hid in my closet when my husband walked in the room. He asked why I was in bed and I told him I was resting for I didn't feel good then he said he needed some papers he was working on got them and left. When I heard him start the car and back out of the drive way I called Juan to come to me and finish what he started he immediately got between my legs and began eating me out making me cum on him over and over then I told him to get up and fuck me please. OMG did he ever cumming in me three times. Juan kinda has a funny cock a small pointed head for penetration then quite thick maybe 2 1/2 inches across then tapering down before his balls which hand low and big, holding a lot of sperm for me.
    He had my legs up over his shoulders fucking me good but when he pulled out and placed the head of his cock against my ass I kind stopped him and told him to go easy for he'd be the first for me, no problem getting the head into me but then I got to the thick part of his cock and he had to press harder

  • And harder and plop he went ball deep in me and I screamed. He held himself still and kept talking to me telling me it would be ok in a minute and 5relax and he started shoving more and more of his cock back into me and soon he was giving it to me hard filling my ass with his cum and just then I came on him really hard and after about 10 minutes of him fucking me slow but still deep he tried pulling from me but my muscles held him tight into me refusing to let him go. He said I love him there and I said yes god what feelings far more than in my pussy, he kissed my neck and took hold of my breasts kneading them making my nipples all hard again and began fucking my ass again. Three times he made me cum with his cock still buried in my ass then he called me his cum slut and I said yes any time.

  • For the past 20 days or so Juan and his brother has been living with me when my husband is out and gone to work or on a trip and all we do is fuck, Jose is a bit different from Juan for Jose loves my ass and Juan loves my pussy and both of them cum inside of me over and over and both are around 8 inches and when they are doubling me I can feel their cocks rubbing together only a little bit of skin between them and they drive me to mind blowing screaming orgasms and they seem to cum together and with me joining them all three of us cumming together god all I can say there's nothing better.

  • I would like to hear more stories of what he makes you do. I would also like humiliating photos of you.

  • Your a little bit of a slut aren't you ?

  • I'm slutty for my husband. It's a turn on to me to put on a show for him, I don't do it for myself or anyone else. I'm his, he can do with me what he wishes. That's what turns me on.

  • I am a man but i would love to kn
    ow you husband and be a friend of both of you
    I think he will enjoy humiliating me too
    I was wishing if i can help you with one of those jucy cock

  • That's nice my wife has the most perfect firm, round, hard 36C tits with very prominent pink nipples other than work she rarely wears a bra instead light tight tops that extenuate her tits and nipples, we love all the looks she gets when she is out, in summer she always sunbathes by our pool topless often on her back I love putting lotion on her and having a play knowing neighbours are perving

  • So good Buddy your pretty lucky if I were a neighbour I'd be continuously pulling my prick watching her probably do myself an injury

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