My man loves lingerie

About eight months ago I discovered my husband had been wearing my panties and occassionally a bra, without saying anything I purchased three sexy matching sets and put them in his underwear draw, he said nothing but was wearing them and appeared quite happy so I then got ten panties four with matching bra and three sexy nighties and removed his male underwear and pyjamas, we still said nothing about it but he became very cuddly and loving towards me and did not mind me seeing him in the lingerie, about four months ago I asked if he would like to be made up and have wigs he was ecstatic so every weekend since that happened, we have expanded him into suspenders, stockings, blouses, skirts, dresses, pantyhose and heels and we are both very happy about our relationship.
Any other ladies love their husband being into cross dressing ?

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  • So very nice

  • My boyfriend likes to fuck me by the mirror wearing black stockings and suspenders with but plug up both out arseholes

  • My husband has expressed some interest in that stuff, but I don't let him. I want my man to be a man. I told my husband that if I ever caught him in that shit that I'd go down to the local biker bar and play.

  • He had already done it and was taken by the biker gang. You know it's true. He was their little bitch last weekend when you were gone

  • You know he is interested and would just love to wear lingerie, be fair give it a try I bet you will like it sweetie

  • My husband wears panties all the time has done for years nothing else other than being clean shaven down there

  • That is very nice my husband wears panties all the time bras and nighties at home he has been doing it for years about once or twice a year some of our close friends have cross dress parties, we really go full hog at them and he loves it the sex when we get home is incredible xx

  • You are on a slippery slope

  • Thank you, but not really it is just something that is personal and wonderful in our relationship, we do not flaunt it and no one else knows about it, because he gets very horny when dressed it rub,s off onto me and we have fantastic sex, He wear nail polish on his toenails all the time now and as I thrill sometimes I paint his shaved penis and balls with bright pick indelible ink it lasts about a week before I have to refresh it

  • Do you peg him with a black dildo?

  • Do you have to be so gross, no I do not peg him with any type of dildo, we are not strange it is just a fetish that does not effect anyone, we love it just how it is

  • I'm a married man and I wish she would peg me with a big black dildo. Or a guy with the real thing. But I do agree she needs to put him on a steady diet of big, cumming cocks. Feed him cock nicely. He'll never stray.

  • My wife wants to put makeup for me and tell now i say no but some times she made me to wear her shirts

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