Question for dads

Do other fathers with daughters have fantasies about them ever? Or masturbate thinking about them?

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  • I helped my daughter to become a woman at age 18. I trained her the had her coming out party for her on her birthday

  • Yes..yes..i look and jerkoff to daughter

  • Oh gawd no. I'm sure you are the only one.

    That's a silly way to form comedy in this forum. Get serious.
    It rings both ways however. It's quite natural and mainstream for just about EVERY daughter to have sexual fantasies of some sort regarding their father.
    It clearly explains why a inordinate amount of sexual relationships are occurring at any given time on a global scale.
    As a matter of fact, almost word for word, I've read your account here as if fresh off a template for the concept. It begins in the same manner very often when a pubescent girl shares weekends with her father following divorce.

    The ONLY ridiculous but hilarious part of this is the stupid legal conflict[s] on something intended by nature.
    I hope a loving, sexual relationship blossoms for you & your daughter in the order to curb your masturbation from your thoughts of her. I'm certain she would rather you deposit your semen into her.
    Take care to get her on contraception. Then enjoy.

  • My daughter had started puberty she was always very skinny and her ass started to get noticeably bubbled. I should had felt guilty enjoying checking her out but never have. As she started to get budding breast all pointy bouncing around in her tops I enjoyed. It was late one night she stays weekends at my place. Wearing only a T shirt like she has done since she was little but now holy shit. It got me rock hard we was sitting on the couch her head in my chest. I knew she was looking at my cock it was making a huge tent in my sweatpants. She acted like she didn't notice staying in place and I didn't move. Gaining courage I told her how sexy her body was getting. She looked up at me and smiled her hand moved up I could feel her thumb touching my ball. While my sweatpants was between it was still a pleasure of feeling. I moved my hand lower to her ass gripping it your butts getting bigger. She looked at me with a sexy glare then gripped my cock saying your getting bigger. I said because your so sexy that's why she started giggling . My hand felt her ass while she stroked my cock I ended up pulling out my cock. Continued

  • We started making out getting naked and going to my room and I ate her pussy till she orgasmed. After that we couldn't get enough of each other I fucked her making her orgasm over and over cumming inside my own daughter more times then I can ever count. This lead to a mutual sexual addiction as she moved in about a year later. 12 years later after 11 years of our sexual relationship. My daughter now almost 22 years old the secret pretty much out. We both went to a therapist in a different state that specializes in what we have done. Being adults and our therapist having experience her own sexual past with family members was understanding to us. As she put it either you leave it and move past it or take a chance and let it be. We ended up moving there getting our own places as she suggested and do counseling. It wasn't easy we broke the rules more times than I can count. Crazy we both knew it was wrong and wanted to stop at one point 2 yrs into it the councilor refused to see us. Shortly after that I got a job out of state it was hard leaving my daughter. She ended up meeting a guy they got married I walked her down the Isle. I moved back into the area after she came over and we started having sex. We stopped a few months later and never have again been almost a year

  • Father ad daughters have great relationships. My ex wife and her father had sex from the time she was 13 until she was 21. She needing him more than he needed or wanted her. She never turned him down.

  • Never you perverted asshole

  • You have a wife and you still have to masterbate shes not uo keeping her job

  • Not sure if it's something I should talk about here

  • Go ahead

  • Ok so my daughter is beautiful she's the spitting image of my wife. I film her in the shower, I masturbate in her panties. I have done alot of things

  • Nice

  • More details

  • I sneak in her room , I touch her I also rub my hardon sometimes on her face but normally on the back of her head. I know she's known this for along time and hasn't said anything and continues to pretend to be a sleep. Sometimes she lays in bed completely naked just under the sheet .

  • You are pervert and should be gang raped in prison

  • Look, first not having a vagina, he couldn't be [gang] raped. Second, you're not fooling anyone ; that is a fantasy you have an acute desire for yourself, girl.
    As such, don't fret though. Like you, most gals just accept their imperative fate when they are chosen for mandated sexual relations. I maintain that regardless of how it occurs, very few gals can resist the emotional feelings they undergo when they feel a man's copious, warm semen fills their center.

  • Yes for sure..

  • That's why I didn't want to talk about it here

  • Then you shouldn't have. I have a child relative who molested by her father. He started out with "just a fantasy" too.

  • As someone mentioned before, mom not doing her job. My wife sex's me so much, hot and with some kink I haven't a stray thought in my head.

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