She loves stripping for oldies

We joked about how much money my wife could make stripping for months. Then she said she was seriously considering it, and I was onboard. She's a short super hot 20 yr old Latina. I told her she would be the favorite. We agreed it was just for money but secretly I was looking forward to watching her work. We even did some research and found a local joint with extremely loose rules for the strippers. It had been a fantasy of mine for a while.

I keep my distance so not to interfere with her money making magic. I quickly noticed something. When she gave lap dances, there was a very noticeable difference between how she acted with younger guys vs older. The older the dude was, the more kinky she acted and she would let them get feely touchy.

When I asked her one night at home she said it was because they paid her better, then asked if it bothered me. I told her not at all, I actually get turned on watching. I assured her that I would keep my distance and she could enjoy herself comfortably and make that money.

She took my advice. The next night she was very into it with some dude who must've been 60. It was obvious she wasn't just making money. She enjoyed him. She took him to one of the corner booths, which means he paid at least $150 for 10 songs. By the second song they were kissing and during the third song he grabbed her ass while she dry humped him. During the fifth song she moved her head downward. From the other side where I sat, I saw the head of his cock barely poke out the top if his pants and she kissed and slid his cock into her mouth just once then sat up. I laughed when his eyes rolled in the back of his head. She is very amazing at sucking cock. She turned around so her ass was against his stomach and she started thrusting slowly while leaned forward. I could see his old cock rubbing inbetween her buttcheeks so he wasn't inside her. Not that I would have minded. She leaned back against him, and he slid his hands underneath her top and caressed her tits while she thrusted on him. That was when I busted a load inside my pants!

By the fifteenth song (yes, 15th) she was leaning against him again with her head tilted and they were tongue in check while he fingered her. By the twentieth song, they had done everything possible that was allowed under the joint rules. Which basically means they didn't have actual intercourse.

That night she told me he gave her his number and said he wanted to meet her sometime for sex. She told him that she would only be willing if her husband came to watch or partake. He said he was down. She asked me what I thought. I told her I was into it. So she is going to schedule a meet for this weekend or next week.

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  • Sounds pretty good how about letting us know what eventuates on the meeting

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