My first MMF

After months of scams/fakes I found a couple on reddit looking for a man hook up with them. I showed up at their apartment, he answers the door and leads me back to their bedroom. The house is pretty messy and there she was laying on the bed, just a sheet, no comforter. I quickly came to the conclusion they were on meth. The only thing she is wearing is socks and I can tell they've probably been messing around all day. She's a 6 or 7 but has a nice slim body, several tattoos. He tells me "get in there". He stood next to the bed jerking his semi hard dick. I got undressed and she crawls to the foot of the bed and starts giving me a really shitty BJ. I finally got hard, she laid back I tried to put it in her in missionary but she was dry as a desert. So I went down to get her going and her pussy had a slight stench to it, almost enough to make me stop but I proceeded. She actually had a cute little pussy with meaty lips and some stubble. I got on top of her and start pounding away. She's really enjoying it, she's holding in to her husband's dick while I'm fucking her. She says babe can you fuck me in the as while he's in my pussy? He says yea so I got off of her and he starts trying to put his limp dick in her butt with no lube, he's tries for atleast 5 minutes and gives up, she has total lock jaw at this point I'm guessing from either meth or Molly, she tells me, fuck me in the ass, just shove it in my ass. I'll never forget her saying that lol. I mounted her covered my dick in spit and got it right in, I look over and out of no where her husband starts getting off standing next to the bed. Cumming and he's not even hard.. never seen anything like it before. I guess him seeing me in her butt just did him in lol. So at this point he's done, he leaves the room which im glad he did. I end up getting her in doggy and finishing all over her back. She rolled back over on the bed getting my jizz all over the sheets lol. I put my clothes back on and walked straight out past her husband sitting in the couch. She text me the next day asking if I want to get "spun" with her. Not sure what she meant by that but I still haven't replied. All in all it was fun but I couldn't wait to get home to take a shower.

14 days

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    • Sorry to disappoint you but that was NOT a threesome.

      You didn’t get fucked and the wife did not get two cocks at once.

      You were just the bull for some cucked up druggies

    • Ok, and? What are you? The MMF gatekeeper? Why are you so hostile? Lmao

    • Just trying to set this poor guy straight

    • I fucked the pregnant black hostess from Applebee's a while back, cute girl, nice body, but she I fucked her hard, came inside her, and kicked her out the door. Never responded to any of her texts. Don't feel guilty about it at all. Sometimes when I'm jerking, I'll look up "meth head pussy" and jerk to all the blue waffles that the search pulls up!

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