My Stepfather and My Wife

My stepfather was a wild man, he drank hard, partied hard, took shit from noone but was always good to me and my mother apart from his drinking and a being a womanizer. He was never like a father, more like a protector and a mate. I worshiped him like a God.

Not long after I got married he took my wife and I out partying. We danced, drank and partied hard and we were all so drunk we could hardly stand up by the time we got home.

My wife went and lay on our bed and passed out. We followed her in and tried to wake her up to keep partying but she was totally out of it. We both kept yelling at her and shaking her but she just lay there.

My stepfather pulled the front of her dress down to expose her tits and told me she had great pair of tits. I was so drunk at the time even though I knew it was wrong it just seemed funny and no big deal.

Then he laughed and said "I know what will wake her up." He took his cock out and rubbed it on her face. Now I was really shocked and I knew that was wrong but I was so drunk I didn't know what to do. She had her mouth half open and right before my eyes he slid his cock into her partly open mouth.

She started to suck it and then she rolled over onto her side. He laughed and thought it was a really big joke. He said "Fuck me, she's a sound sleeper."

My wife has never mentioned it and I don't think she even knows what he did. He thinks it was a big joke and sometimes he asks me if I remember the time my wife sucked his cock.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I didn't try to stop him.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. My best mate did almost the same thing to my wife once when we were all drunk. We never spoke about it afterwards.

  • My step daughter came to me after she became legal age and told me that she has always fantasized about sex with me. We have had sex many many times and my wife has never known about it.

  • Suck his next time

  • You are a weak man and your stepfather has no respect for you.

  • You should feel ashamed and embarrassed. Completely.

  • When this all happened you should have laughed at your step father and told him watch this and then lifted your wife's dress and moved her panties to the side and fucked her good while she sucked his cock.

  • Sounds likes a hot time for all of you. Just enjoy the experience.

  • I really think you should have sucked his cock, too.

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