My girlfriend is on her period and I'm excited.

We don't live with each other and she lives an hour away. We tried to move in together but that didn't work out, so now I only see her twice a month of the most part.
It has been 3 weeks since we have had sex and I'm feral at this point. I almost told a grandmother in 'mom' jeans that I liked the way they looked on her yesterday on the subway. Getting desperate but I'm not going to cheat on her, again.
The girl made plans for us in a very nice hotel with room service for tomorrow night and I told her the only thing I want to eat is not on their menu. She sounded sad when she told me her period just came that very morning, so I will not be getting any pussy at all.
That just perked me up because I know that I will be getting her ass...often. I'm a lucky guy because she comes from the old school thinking of 'taking care of your man' and never turns me away. I can have whatever I want at any given time. Plus she's into pain and I always go in there with zero lube. Knowing that she's hurting a little turns us both on.
The thing is, I get too excited when I'm balls deep in her ass and cum within a minute. I need to exert self control and just do a few pumps and pull out. Make it last the whole night.

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  • Clean that snatch out with your tongue... it's just iron and smut.

  • Umm put a towel down and use whatever hole you want.

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