Milky goodness

A few years back my wife and I had our 2nd child. This little one decided to wean himself off of the breast by about 13 months. Unfortunately for my wife, her breasts didn't feel the same way. They were engorged and getting painful. One night she was massaging them and complaining about the pressure. She then sheepishly admitted to sucking on them the night before to relieve the pressure. She also admitted to it making her all hot and bothered. Well, one thing led to another and I kept her lactating for another solid year. Not only did it add some spice to our relationship, but it helped her with some weight loss and even I had some health benefits from it. One of my favourite things to do is to suck the milk out of her tits while she jerks me nice. Our third child isn't quite old enough to quit the boob, but I do get a little now and then. I'm looking forward to when they're all mine again. I want to see how long we can keep her lactating.

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  • As long as you keep suckling, she'll keep producing. She needs to be milked constantly to get nice and big, and stay that way.

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