Being a Sissy

My wife is turning me into a sissy for a long time I did not mind it was great fun but she is getting really serious now.
Initially many years ago I always wore sexy pantie and bra sets with nighties at home we both enjoyed that, about eighteen months ago we expanded and I was wearing suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then she started making me up every weekend after I showered and shaved all over and would add a wig, straight away she had me in blouses, skirts and dresses and was taking me shopping dressed as a girl I felt very sexy and excited.
Next a male chastity devise turned up, plastic with internal lock it did feel great when I was locked but she started leaving me without orgasm for extended periods and when I was allowed to orgasm she watched as I masturbated, I had to learn how to masturbate as a sissy rubbing my palm against my clitty while she used a vibrator or dildo on my pussy that by now always had a butt plug in.
She now always uses in my pussy and insists that is the only place I can obtain any sexual satisfaction till I get a cock in my mouth, this is where it gets strange she has taken on a young man from her work to fuck and have all sorts of slutty times with and advised me that I will soon be available to service him while she watches, encourages, coaches and discipline's if I do not totally satisfy him correctly.
I am getting very scared about all of this as I am fine with everything else but do not want to be sucking guys cocks or being fucked at their will.
Any ideas to help my situation ?


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  • It's natural to be scared at first, but just do it. You'll be glad you did. If you miss this opportunity you may not ever get another chance.

  • You have submitted to all your wife's desires and you will continue to obey her. You will suck cocks and submit your ass too. You may even be castrated eventually, depending how far your wife wants to take you. You are too far along now to change it. She has you right where she wants you and you no longer have any control. My suggestion is to enjoy the ride.

  • I know what you mean! As a boy I was a bit sissy, cute and femmy I'd dress up in my two sister's panties. I looked pretty good too.
    I kind of grew out of it even though I experienced boy/boy sex wearing panties. I met a really great girl, got married two years ago and it brought back my youthful indescretions.
    My cute little bride's lusciously feminine lingerie turned me on to the extreme both on her and me secretly. She found out and got a really big kick out of how good I look in them. She celebrated that by giving me a thumb-fucking, making a fist, shoving it into my panties as I lay tummy down with legs spread telling her not to. She quickly penetrates my butt with her thumb and thrusts against her clenched fist that feels like a set of balls, pounds my tight cheeks. I'm truly her sissyboy and love it!

  • Take it you fuckin cockwhore!

  • No way this shit is true, including all the comments. It has to be fantasy stories. I look at Trans and sissy porn, hypnos, etc and masturbate to it with my dildos. I told my wife and she could care less. She said have fun. Our sex life didn't increase or change in any way. I would love some play like this but I think it's bs made up by tumblr bloggers and porn studios. No fucking way someone's wife is just going to say "I'm going to get fucked and you are too now" and then do all these deliciously dirty things. No way

  • You should believe him. My wife turned me black because that's what she wanted and it turns me on watching. She love getting fucked with the big black dick while I jacked my rock hard cock. She did not like to swallow cum but she watched me and encouraged the mouth fuckings that I got. It got to be that I suck them hard for her to get fucked real good and it worked out so good. I encouraged her to hook up date with strangers in a parking lot in their car or hers.All that I wanted was when she come home to squirt their cum in my mouth as she told me how fucking much she loved it and she can't wait to do it again. Goddamn I love swallowing cum. She done set me up with a bunch of cum and go's and would fix me up with gay black guys that just wanted me with her out of the room. I loved it so much.One time she got to sit in the living room while this gay black cock every bit of 10 inches had his way with me for two hours. My assgot so wet from his big fucking two loads of cum. And now days we both love cock so much that we can't stick to our strictly black diet because when you love to get fucked and love sucking dick and swallowing cum it turned you into a dirty fucking nasty slut and that's what we both are and we fucking love it.

  • My wife caught me dressed femme..she took pics and took control of our a sissy now and I guess I always was...I am allowed to orally satisfy my wife...she loves watching men use my pussy and mouth

  • My mistress left me strapped on a chair and let 5 guys each have their turn beating my dick and whipping me, deepthroating me and that. Basically she would let a lot of guys fuck me and she would join in, I didn't have any say. And honestly it was great but I want to say be careful, 100% careful, I have hiv cause she let a guy with it deepthroat me and made me swallow. She owns your life, but still be concerned for stuff like that

  • She isn't turning you into a sissy ... she is bringing the sissy out of you. She is making you recognize the sissy within for the sissy within that you are.

    You know these things are true.

  • I have been thinking about your words they are absolutely correct are you a sissy or a Mistress ?

  • Neither. I'm what you call a man.

  • Thank you, your right however it is both of us working together to get the best possible out of me

  • Either try to enjoy it or leave!!! I bet you will be like me and hate it the first time or two but soon wanted to do him or her several bf's every chance I got!!! FYI she had one man that had 13 inches that both of us wanted 24/7

  • OH dear I certainly could not accept that in my pussy even Mistress gave a squeal when I mentioned it, the guy must have been deformed

  • Hi sweetie mind telling me your breast size, my sissy has been on pills, cream massage each day and breast pumps every day for nine months she is starting to form a bit and her nipples are becoming quite sensitive, I really would love her to be reasonably prominent but round and tight with nice firm hard nipples, currently she is wearing a 16B semi padded bra and it looks very nice, without her bra with just a t shirt or shirt it is not too obvious she has boob's but her nipples are nice large and plainly prominent, her hair appears to be growing and glowing, skin is a bit softer but we are still shaving her, I am not yet interested in locking her permanently but do put a cage on for fun, also I have not started oral or pussy training, she has heaps of lingerie and females cloth's, heel's and wears them all the time at home, not sure how far we want to go yet but your story has inspired me, thank you xxx

  • Thank you I fill out a 38C bra quite well my titties are most prominent in the morning after my breast massage and some time under the pump, my nipples have obtained certainly the most benefit, if I wear a t shirt people do look so I am quite happy with my progress.
    I do hope you take your sissy a lot further I was a bit concerned particularly about serving a stud but now I love it so much, Mistress has him with me every second weekend after he has attended to her needs she uses him at least three times a week and often I have to clean them both out, I am so envious

  • You have really nice titties, I would love to see you walk past with a tight t shirt on early in the morning, titties showing with prominent nipples, I have had little success with my sissies breast's but her clit and ovaries has reduced somewhat, I think she may well have to have implant's, my boyfriends keep saying they want her to have tit's to play with while they are using her pussy

  • Very nice titties darling I will certainly keep working on my sissies titties to obtain a similar result and I am sure we will go further, not with a 13" cock though

  • Your Mistress needs to punish you harsher, if my sissy forgot the basic rules of satisfying by mouth like losing eye contact or dropping her head she would be dragged by her clitty to the kitchen table and her clitty placed flat then when I had my wooden school ruler she would have to place her hands on her head and close her eyes waiting for me to flatten her clitty with a flat hard blow then she would be allowed to fall to the floor crying after that her clitty would be locked for at least a month.
    My sissy is very obedient and pleases me in every way.

  • So good that you love giving blow jobs and your wife's boyfriend is happy shagging you, you will want it more and more. My sissy has two older gentlemen in our street to service, one mows our lawn and cleans the yard the other cleans our cars each weekend, I go away for work two weeks every two months and sissy stays with one for a full week and the other the week after, it works out very well because I have three studs to have fantastic sex with whenever I want, when one or two are coming over sissy goes to one of his master's

  • I don't know what I was worried about after sucking training and being pegged I was really enthusiastic for the real thing "cock", could not stop thinking about it, before Brian turned up I was made up, wig, suspenders, stocking and heels Brian was just so wonderful on our initial encounter he took things very slow ans was extremely patient, Mistress only had to smack me once for not keeping my head up and eyes fixed on Brian's while I sucked his wonderful dick and he shot such a nice cum load in my mouth to swallow, that felt great then Mistress decided he would take my cherry straight away so I got in the missionary position after being lubed and Brian mounted front on my ankles were high over his broad shoulders, he felt ever so nice entering me and started a nice slow rhythm as the pace increased I knew I was made for this, when he came again I also did it was fantastic even in my cock cage.
    Mistress and Brian were both very happy with Sissy and her first service, I can't stop thinking of cock now and my pussy is aching waiting for Brian again, I am so glad I am a total Sissy now

  • That is so nice I am so glad you enjoy being a real Sissy my Sissy is currently serving three of my boyfriends and finds it difficult getting through a day without her pussy being filled xxx

  • Hi, this is simple. Tell her no man/man sex or you want a divorce. :) See? Simple.

  • It might sound simple to you but I am the one locked in the cock cage that started loving being feminine, Mistress has been giving me sucking lessons with a dildo and has started pegging with a lot of lube Mistress is ever so considerate and I love her dearly, I like her man friend as well and I am getting used to being pegged so maybe cock will be good for me, I am not going to consider myself gay and I think that has been a big part of the problem

  • Your wife sounds reasonable so ask her to give you some pegging and dildo sucking practice before you actually start getting the cock proper that will certainly make you a better sissy and much more satisfying to her boyfriends, you will really get used to having a cock in your mouth or up your pussy and after a while you will think of nothing else

  • Thank you that is helpful I am sure she will agree, I am accepting of my fate now, she has told me her boyfriend is patient and not overly large and she will not let him hurt me but he is very energetic however he has never been with a sissy but that is about to change

  • She is probably giving you female hormones too. Noticing any changes? Shaving less or growing tits?

  • I have been taking them for three years and my titties are forming quite well my skin is smooth and feminine and my hair is long and getting curly but I still have to shave a bit mainly pubic region now, don't get me wrong I love being a sissy and feminine I just am not sure about copping cock but my wife has the absolute control now so I will have to get used to it, at least I don't go to work as a sissy and none of my friends know

  • As soon as the cock cage went on you were fucked Pal at least you have a nice discreet comfortable one, you will find that your wife will start getting a few more guys and if they want you to service them then you will, most will certainly have you sucking their cocks but a lot will also love fucking, you will soon get used to it and become addicted, do you have a girly name ?

  • Well you better start getting used to it not only are you a sissy but cuckold as well, don't worry pretty soon your pussy will be expecting/needing the cock in it all the time it will soon be the only sexual satisfaction you will obtain

  • I agree with that that's all I can think about is a large hard cock pumping come down my throat since the first time. And I love that my wife loves getting fucked whenever she gets the opportunity and she loves being fucked by strangers I think it's so awesome ,

  • That sounds like the perfect marriage. Everyone getting lots of sex.

  • Too late now....

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