An experiment

I have something dark to profess that I have been keeping buried for nearly a decade. Ten years ago when I was twelve or thirteen, I gave into a dark temptation that involved me experimenting on the feeling of sexual pleasure with a friend of mine. Clearly, I was curious as to what the feeling of intimacy would be in meeting skin to skin. My friend did not seem to object to the experiment, for he told me that he wondered what sexual pleasure would feel like; not intimacy where it involved the penetration or giving into self-gratification, but rather the bare skin against bare skin sort of speak. We did this while viewing an R-rated erotic thriller that was playing on cable television during a sleep over, and it was only just one time that we tested to know what the feeling of sexuality would be like. After we concluded with the experiment, we made a pact to never speak about it ever again. My purpose as to confessing this is because of the board room scene from Kevin Smith's Dogma; where Damon and Afleck interupt the board members meeting in order for them to speak out all their sinful acts against the lord. At first humorous on the scene in where supreme beings appear and enjoyingly profess a bunch of mortals bad deeds, then I started to place myself in the shoes of the mortals and think of what undecent act that I have commited other than self-gratification, which is when I came upon the experiment that I fell under temptation by ten years ago. This is not the first time I solemly confessed this act in the past ten years, about a few months after the incident I shared the event with my professional pyschologist. His reaction was that he understood what I did was purely natural to his sense. I will admit that this act was obscene, and I only seek forgiveness and the oppertunity to repent for my sin. Thank you for reading what I had to confess, and I hope that I will be forgiven.

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