My Black Daddy

So this is not something I'd post on Facebook or tell my parent so I'd say this is a good place to share.
I'm a high school senior and I was hired as an HS intern with an R&D company in Ann Arbor. Basically I file and sort resumes for the HR reps. So I'm 5 feet tall, blonde, smallish boobs BUT I have an awesome ass...and I kinda like to show it off lol. I mean like yoga pants, short tight outfits, etc. I'm not a virgin at all I've had many cocks. I watch porn and I'd say I'm pretty opened minded about sex stuff. I have a thing for older men as you will find.
Now there is an executive we will call Mr. Black, he is like 6'4" very muscular, bald ,sexy as hell and he's black. Well occasionally I was assigned to do some work for him, mainly entering policy info and stuff, I am a bit of a flirt and he is a smart mysterious guy which is hot. We talked a lot in his office often and became really comfortable with each other. So I could tell he wanted to hit it but I think he was being very careful. Well on my birthday a bunch of us went out after work and Mr. Black showed up. I wasn't drinking of course but it was still fun. Everyone started leaving and he offered to walk me to the parking garage. So we talked on the way and he offered to take me out for dinner. I said yes and got into his hot Mercedes and drove off. My leather skirt was kinda riding high and I felt soooo sexy right then. We went to this chop house and had an amazing dinner. Mr.Black ordered a slice of cake to take home for my birthday which I thought was sweet. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place to have the cake with candles an the works so I said sure. We get to his home which is pretty beautiful and he puts candles on the cake, sang to me and I blew them out. While he stood close to my side...I turned to him smiled , said thank you and gave him a soft kiss. He then said to place my hands on the island, he moved behind me an gave me a little spank...then asked how many am I supposed to give you? I said 18...then he proceeded to spank my ass 18 the time he was done I was dripping. He led me to his TV room and sat down...I stood in front of him, kneeled placed my hands on his thighs and kissed him again. This time it was deeper and hand went to his cock and I was shocked how big it was. I undid his belt, unzipped him and pulled it out...oh shit but I wanted him bad. I went down on him like I was starving, gave him the best head I could for like 30 minutes. He stood me up, carried me upstairs and fucked me for 4 hours straight. Now Mr.Black is a Dominant man and since our first time has groomed me in many ways to be his girl...I wear butt plugs frequently at work. I wear outfits just for him, I take care of him in every way you can imagine and this includes in his playroom complete with bondage, fuck swing , flogging which is my favorite. We do not mess around at work but I meet him at his home and pleasure him daily. I go home each night with his cum running out of my pussy and ass and it drives me wild for more. Having him as my Daddy is the most fulfilling thing I could ever imagine. By next summer I will move in with him hopefully if I can figure out a way and be completely his.


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  • I like how you are and that you're hooking up with a black guy (knowing vids, black guys fuck girls better). If you really do have an awesome ass, he's a lucky guy & I wish I could bury my face in it all day.

  • He is just using you for sex and who wants some yappy 18 year old around the whole time when they are 40.

  • How old is everyone?

  • He is 39 and I am 18

  • How short was your leather skirt? did it stay in? where do you enjoy him to cum?

  • It was mid thigh with a zipper that runs down the front...not the shortest one I own but pretty short. Really I love his cum anywhere he wants to put it. I love the feeling of it running out because he cums a lot. I love to swallow too but no favorites just all

  • Whats dirtyest outfit youve worn for him? what dirtyest thing uv let him do to you?

  • Well the dirtiest I think is hard to describe it's got some sheer parts and leather parts with thigh highs that are connected to it. I wear it with a collar that's says Daddies Slut. So that is I guess the dirtiest outfit but I do have sexy street clothes that I wear for him. So the dirtiest thing I let him do to me? Share me with another guy would be it I guess.

  • Oh please...tell me about that? what did they both do to ya? what were u wearing for that?

  • I was started out that night in a micro mini then changed into this form fitting lacy black corset type thing with black thigh highs. Um they did a lot really...Daddy had his friend take me over his knee then give him head while he gave instructions, led me to the playroom by my leash and put me in the swing face down. Later took me to the bed and we did my first DP and it was amaaaaazing. Yes I am a submissive gurl. So that was fun

  • Was his friend black too? did your first dp with two bbc?
    what about your feet? any fuck me heels or boots?
    which positions did they dp u in?

  • In the house I'm usually no shoes, they don't stay on long during sex anyway cuz we have had the heels accidentally poke his balls lol. Yes the other guy was black....DP I was riding Mr.Black and the other guy was behind me. I don't know what position that is...BUT it was easier that way

  • Two older black cocks dping your 18yo body! bet that felt amazing?

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