I want to get dped

Ok? im nineteen female living in the uk, single and i watch porn i will admit, fine there you go,
now i really really like watching dp porn and would love to get dped myself with real dicks
i have done it with toys but i really really want the real thing, is it as good as they say it is? how does it feel? two real dicks being inside you?

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  • I have never actually done it , but my wife had before we were married and said once it was painful because both men were larger then normal she said the other times were enjoyable

  • Ouch, normal sized cocks for me then

  • For a first time, just with average size dicks will do you

  • DP my wife with a buddy during a party. Very hot but kind of weird kind of rubbing dicks with him

  • Can you feel your buddy then while doing it?

  • Definitely

  • For me, it was amazing. Both times it was with a boyfriend and a friend of his. The best part is feeling them rub against each other separated only by me, knowing they feel each other's cocks.

  • Never thought about that and how close they would be to each other

  • So hot!!

  • I absolutely love getting dped! i was 17 the first time i had it done to me and loved it ever since!
    the feeling is so intense if done right, you feel so full and on the verge being stretched apart but two hard dicks.
    i had done very little anal before my first and yes it did hurt for the first few mins but once my body got used to it i loved it!
    i agree, two toys or one toy and a guy its good but its not as good as the real thing with two fleshy dicks.
    also what others have said about guys taking pics n such is true so try and go with older men who in my experience do it so much better and are not such tell tales,
    any other questions just ask?

  • Omg 17? wow how did that happen? how many times have you done it?

  • Oh it was two guys i knew, they did it to me more than once, first time was drunk after a party. overall? i dont remember, i have had it done to me so many times in the last 10 years, i really enjoy it.

  • Omg wow again! when did you last do it? you sound like a pro lol

  • Haha last time i had a dp (with two guys) was about 6 months ago, although all this talk about them i may be after another soon

  • That's wonderful

  • The feeling of being dp'd is probably one of the most fulfilling sexual experiences you will ever have. If you haven't done alot of anal you won't enjoy it the first few times. Everyone here is right men will film it. So depending on your situation in life I recommend caution with the people you choose.

  • I will be cautious i promise, like i said iv done it with toys and have had anal sex before

  • It's different with men, I have done it dozens of times and it still makes my eyes roll back into my head when they cum, normally one will trigger the other.it's fantastic

  • That is exactly what i want done to me

  • Can a DP be a great experience? Yes, it can. Can it also be horribly painful, and even embarrassing? Yes. Here's the thing, guys talk. Guys brag. Guys snap pics and shoot video they share with the world through this thing called the Internet. If you're with a guy now you trust try adding one of your toys to the mix while he's in you, see how that feels. Then maybe tell him your fantasy, see how he might feel, does he have a friend he trusts?

  • Yea i dont want to end up in the internet like that, thanks for the advice

  • Pick two older guys that know how to do it right and don't take pictures. Done right it's very sensual for her. A good rhythmic slow action and she will squirt

  • So what im taking from this is basically go with older guys and get to know them first

  • Last thing my bud and I think about is taking silly pictures when we DP. Last time I was on my back and her pussy was on my cock and he got her ass from behind.

  • Which position would be best to start with?

  • Best position to start with would be doggy, but with one guy under and one behind you

  • I DP my wife all the time now. Started out with a dildo in her vag while I fucked her in the ass. One night when we were partying with a friend of mine we wound up giving my wife two cocks and she loves it.

  • Thats what i want

  • I love to DP women with a bud of mine. Even did a DV before. Try it you will like it be sure to have two guys that don't mind their balls slapping together

  • Dv?

  • Double vaginal sex. Not as fun as dp. For me anyway

  • Last time my bud and I came at the same time in her doing a DV. If the guys let go of the hang ups its great.

  • I never found it as good

  • Omg you done that aswell?

  • Yep tryed it, that and double anal, not for the faint heartedand was not for me xcassiex

  • Did both of them even fit in when you did double anal?

  • Doesnt sound it

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