I've recently moved in with the woman (called A) I've been in a nearly three year long distance relationship with (2200 miles worth of long distance to be exact). She is a single mother, quite adventurous in the bed and out (anal, bondage, RP, hardcore, bi, etc), and has a decent enough body. Short stature, long hair, small chest, a bit of a belly, and an amazing ass. Complications from birth have made her abdomen a little tender, so she's retained some pregnancy pounds (we're working on it). Still, she has a bubble butt and knows how to use it ?? She is very loving and caring to her daughter, and has been more patient with me than I care to admit. I couldn't be happier now that the three of us are together. However...

We have this mutual friend (called B) that A's known since she was in highschool and I've known since the start of the relationship. B is bi-romantic, and has admitted recently she is in love with both of us... A and I have already had this discussion a while back and we know that we are in love with her as well. Never figured ourselves as polyamorous, but here we are. We want her to move in and become a part of our relationship eventually (still sorting our own stuff out with the recent move in). She understands this and is quite patient with it all. We have even briefly discussed how I might even be the father of B's children someday (if not biologically, than parentally). She is training to be a stripper (already a natural at it), and has a skinny, athletic body. A bit taller than A, pixie cut hair, no tits to speak of, tight core, and a toned ass, on the big side for someone of her body type. You can probably spot a theme here, I'm definitely an ass guy ??

Here's the thing. While she is bi-romantic, she is currently asexual. Meaning she doesn't get off on getting off, however she doesn't mind anything above the waist with clothes on, no genitals present. She has said while she's more likely to have sex with A than myself, we presented the idea of a threesome to her and B said she could be interested in becoming part of our sexual life as well. Still, it's all null and void as she remains asexual and competely uninterested in the act. She has her own personal reasons being so (bad experiences in youth) so we are not pressing her to do anything.

Still, I sincerely hope that A and I's high sex drive and affection for B might make her want to break her self-made pact someday. We truly love and care for her, and couldn't think of sharing ourselves with anyone else but her. That, and I really want to be her first guy she has. Never been with a virgin before, so that would be amazing! And to think of B eating out A while I fuck her tight pussy, hearing them both moan as we make hot, passionate love. It's enough to make a man sore just thinking about it ??

Just wanted to share that with y'all. Not the most dramatic thing I've read on here, but that's what I'm sharing. I have another story about an old flame that came back into my life in the middle of the long distance period between me and A, let me know if you want to hear about it. Has anyone been in an ACTUAL poly relationship before? Has it been very successful for y'all? Just curious, let me know in the comments.

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  • I've been in a fully functional polyamorous marriage for fifteen years. It can work, but only if everyone wants it to work. Good luck.

  • Dont do it....if u guys wanna have a three way thats ok...but poly relationships are messy af!!!

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