Why Hairy armpits turn me on

I fucked my cousin like this when I was younger .. she had hairy pits and one night snuck into her room and showed her my hard cock and she said I wasn't gonna fuck her and I told her just let me slide it between your armpit .. she said why her armpit and I said because its hairy and sweaty like a pussy!!! so she said ok and lifted her arm I spit on my cock and had pre cum oozing so had some natural lube and she let me slide my cock between her pit!! oh fuck it felt so good her warm sweaty hairy armpit..I started pounding her armpit and started Cumming all over the place ..I pull my half hard cock out and she was lifting her arm and I seen all my cum stuck to her armpit hair and I wanted to lick it from her armpit but I was afraid she would really think i'm a freak... so I sat down on her bed and started stroking my now hard cock until I blew another load all over myself!!!.. she was like damn how much of that do you have in those balls!!! LOL ... Then the next day and everytime I seen her she would raise her arm to show me her armpit even when she started shaving it and would say you like this and smile at me!!! My cock would always start getting hard from her teasing me!!! ..To this day we are in our 40's she'll raise her armpit and rub it and smile.....

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