Doggie Daddy

When I first saw our dog fucking my daughter I almost got sick. But then, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I probably should have stepped into her bedroom and put a stop to it, but I was totally fascinated by the sight and sounds of it.

Our dog’s name is "Hoss". He got that name because he’s a big dog, and when my daughter was little, she used to able to ride him.
Privately, I always thought it was because the son-of-a-bitch was hung like a horse!

When Hoss is fucking her, and has his knot all the way inside of her she starts having really LOUD orgasms and keeps screaming out his name, but it’s the wrong one!

Why she keeps calling him "Daddy", I’ll never know!

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  • Oh you definitely know why she called the dog daddy. You definitely know.

  • Welp.... she needs help.
    No offense

  • Disgusting prick.

  • Sounds crazy but I caught my step daughter many times with our dog. I think it's just a phase not sure. I never told her mom ( my wife ) but I was able to get a few pics and videos over time. She's now 19 I really want to show her what I have. Just to see her reaction.

  • I would love to see some pic or videos

  • Wow that’s hot did you ever say anything to her

  • I would and tell her you want to watch or even join in. Don’t try black mail her as that’ll just blow your chances.
    Make copies of everything you have then show her. Point out that you find it really hot and if she wants you to delete it in front of her. At least you’ll still have the copies

  • I just let her know that I had some private pictures and videos that she may want to see

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