Am I Gay?

I’m a guy. I went to a costume party last Halloween dressed a cheerleader for laughs. Everyone laughed and joked. But later after I was getting pretty drunk and guy said he wanted to show me something. In front of everybody in that room he pulls out his dick and pushes me to my knees and told me to suck it. He pressed the head against my lips until I relented. I thought it would end with that. I took his cock in and sucked best I knew how. After a moment I pulled back and said ok jokes over. He said suck hard for a few minutes and he would stop. He was bigger than me so I agreed. I decided to make him cum quickly by giving him the best blowjob I could. As I felt his cock in my mouth, my previously limp dick stirred. A crowd had gathered to watch me. Just as I hoped his sperm shot down my throat in no time. My dick was at full mast and my skirt was was pushed up so everyone could see I was hard. A girl shouted he loved it look how hard he is! Before I knew it several guys pulled off my cheerleader short thingy. They put me on all fours and had their way with me orally and anally. I don’t remember how many guys fucked me. I do know I remained hard and came as some stoked me. Thanks to phones I was sent many videos and pics of me getting spit roasted. Odd thing I watch those vids often. I masterbate to them. I love women but I think about cock and wondering what it would be like to willingly and wantingly suck cock. Am I gay?


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  • No just curious

  • Does labeling one's self make any difference? try to learn to be comfortable with who you are and what you like. the rest will come into focus when you are ready.

  • In middle school me and my friend dressed up in our sister's school uniforms for Halloween. Everyone th thought we were like the cutest ever. We ed ended up like you did also.

  • Ah, your a sweet heart. You are just happy in what your are doing, right? So gayly keep doing those slender things.

  • Over active imagination or not i enjoyed your story. I'm a married middle aged guy who only recently discovered the fun of other guys. I love my wife and enjoy sex with her but i obsess over big cocks too. Love the whole oral experience both giving and receiving. Eager for more.

  • Does your wife know?

  • Yes you are.

  • Gay people know they are gay, they don't need to ask.

  • Can't tell you if you are gay or not, buy you sure have an overactive imagination.

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