College fun

When I was in college I was on a flag football league and one night we were coming back from a game and I mentioned that I could not wait to shower. My friend said that a shower sounded really great right about now and agreed that he was ready for one as well. We both went to our rooms and grabbed our shower stuff and I arrived at the shower rooms first, I got one going and was standing there under the hot water enjoying the feel of it when the curtain opened slightly and he looked in on me. I was a little surprised but just told him that the water felt great, he then turned and looked behind himself then opened up the curtain more and stepped inside closing it behind him. I was looking at him wondering what he was doing but within a second he had both his hands wrapped around my cock pulling on it. When I did not protest he squatted down and started sucking on me, so many things were running through my brain but the main thing was just how damn good it felt. He just did not suck me off hard and fast either he took his time and made it build up and last, when I came it felt tremendous and I was holding myself up pressing on the shower walls. I looked down and could not believe that all of my cock was in his mouth, he was able to suck me right down his throat and I am about seven inches. He finished up and when he stood up his cock was hard as a rock and I thought wow I am in a spot now because I did not even try to stop him from sucking me off.
We switched around in the shower and I knelt down looking at his cock in my hands still not believing I was about to suck on one. He told me that if I just wanted to stroke him off that he did not care and I decided at that moment that I could do this and actually felt like really doing it. I sucked on the head and worked it in and out of my mouth trying to get as much of it as I could into my mouth but pretty much just concentrated on the head. He told me it felt great and after probably five minutes he was cumming and I was able to suck him right through it like he had done with me.
I got up and he told me thanks a lot, he was hoping I would suck him off but was not expecting it. He just really enjoys giving head now and then so if I wanted to continue doing it sometimes he would like it. I told him at the time that I would think about it but he was so good at giving head that later that week I asked him if he wanted to come to my room as my roommate was leaving for a long weekend. We met up often and just sucked each other off it was a great time for the whole semester.
The next summer I got an email from him and he asked if I wanted to be his roommate in the fall to see how it worked out. I told him sure and we really enjoyed that whole year being able to do it whenever we wanted and even had a threesome with his girlfriend once. She was really into it and even held my cock and watched him suck on it, she was taking turns with him and they were trying to out do each other I think but I did not care because it felt awesome. I sure miss the days of college and having sex all the time, now I have been married for 12 years and I think I got laid last month sometime. I think I need to find another guy who just wants to get off now and then, it sure worked well back then and would work good now.

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  • Thanks for sharing those great college cocksucking days. And good luck in your search for a friend or two who want to become regulars with you. That would be great. I'm a 74 year old married cocksucker and still can't seem to get enough cock.

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