Naughty babysitter

Even tho the eldest was 19 in the house hold I was asked to watch over the three youngest while the parents went to Reno over the week end for the eldest worked and didn't get home till the wee hours of the mornings and everything went well the first night how ever things wasn't what they seemed.
Early Saturday morning the three youngest decided they wanted to play cow boys and Indians and they had promptly tied me up and I could hardly move.
Keven the eldest of 12 decided I had to many cloths on to be burned at the stake and he pulled my shorts off of me no matter how much I protested he got them off of me leaving me in my bikini panties and a halter top, The three of them took turns of building the fire bigger and bigger at my feet for I was tied to a big floor lamp pretending it was a big tree and they lit the fire. The flames got big right off the bat and burned the ropes freeing me from my bonds I immediately attacked Kevin and began wrestling with him and the other two but three against one is not the odds in my favor and I was pinned down in no time but I noticed Kevin was showing a big boner and he started in dry humping my hip and feeling his boner beneath his pants was starting to get to me.
Jimmy and Nathan the twins of 11 held my arms down and Keven tried to lift my halter top up and I was trying not to let him but the more I protested the more determined he was to expose my breasts for all to see and he won pulling my halter top up and over my head I was still being pinned by Jimmy and Nathan while Kevin got bolder with his hard on for he unzipped his pants and with him humping my hip his pants were getting lower and lower on him finally exposing himself his cock was now rubbing against my hip and I felt his pre cum lubricating him and he began to shove himself harder against me and I don't know when it all came about for I was starting to enjoy Kevin's advances but Nathan was the first to start sucking on one of my nipples and soon followed by Jimmy and their sucking and nibbling my nipples really got to me and I was unaware that I was pushing back against Keven's thrusts and it wasn't long till my panties were down around my ankles and then off of me leaving me nude before the three attackers. Keven placed a leg between mine and soon he was in between mine and I couldn't help myself or I didn't want to but my legs wrapped around his torso holding him against me and soon he began to push his cock towards my vagina and it didn't take him long at all to enter me pushing his cock right to his balls and I held him tight against me not wanting him to move making it impossible for him to fuck me but all my resistance was gone and he wanted me so I let him take me but I helped raising my hips towards him with each thrust of his cock deeper and deeper into me. It didn't take long till I felt him tense up and I felt his cum squirting into me as he shoved his cock hard into me holding him self tight against me making sure his cum stayed in me trying to impregnate me and I let him but it didn't last and Keven got up off me to be replaced by James and he immediately began to fuck me like there was no time left and it didn't take him long to dump his load into me and then Nathan took over and his mouth never left my nipple as he continued to play with my nipple he began to fuck me like he had all the time in the world. H4e fucked me with long slow strokes making sure he shoved it all the way into me each time and slowly he increased his speed till he shoved himself all the way into me and I felt his cum squirt after squirt trying to go into my cervix for his cock was the biggest of all three and he was giving it all to me. He held himself in me for the longest time and I felt their cum running out of my puss, down the crack of my ass and he slipped his cock from my puss and started in pushing it into my arse little by little he was gaining entrance and I felt myself pushing back against him and it wasn't long till he was fucking my arse with vigor and he kept fucking me till I was starting to get sore from lack of lubrication and he slowed down and he fucked me for what seemed like for a hour and he collapsed upon me still sucking on my nipple and I started in fucking him and I swore he kept his hard cock in me for a good hour and I was breathing so hard and deep I just couldn't take it any longer and the three of them said they would stop as long as I gave myself to them when they ever wanted me at the time it sounded like my only way out so I agreed. Not knowing at the time I litterly gave myself to them at any time they wanted to have sex with me but I made one stipulation that it was to be kept between the four of us and as soon as anyone else found out all was lost and they would loose me as their fuck buddy but it was me who would loose out so I hopped they would remain my fuckers and not tell even their older brother about the pack we had made.

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  • Yesterday Kevin and I got caught by his dad. All hell broke loose and he cheered Kevin on telling him to fuck me hard which he did and just before he came he shoved his had cock deep into my ass in one thrust and immediately filled my ass with his cum. making me cum all over him. the next thing I know his dad was standing over the both of us cock in hand telling Nathan to roll me over on top of him which he did and his dad started in shoving his cock into my pussy and Nathan still had his hard cock deep in my ass. Go his dad's cock was really to big for me and it kinda hurt but in no time I was meeting his thrusts and he drove me to many orgasms and when he came in me he shoved his cock ball deep into me pushing hard against my cervix kissing me and telling me this isn't the first time for you and I and stared in fucking me all over again.\Kevin pulled his cock put of ,e and stood there as his dad shoved his cock deep into me and the next thing I knew his dad lofted me up impaled on his hard cock buried in me and carried me to his bed down the hall closing the door behind him and laid me down upon his bed and continued to fuck me slow and deep and I kissed him telling him he could have me any time he wanted for I loved his cock in me and he came in me again driving me to one orgasm after another much more than I got from his sons. He turned me over and I rode him cow girl and reverse and he came in my ass for the last time but he kept right on fucking m,e3 for nearly 3 hours and I kissed him and told him I was getting sore and he kissed me hard and told me there's gonna be a lot more of this if you want. I kissed him and told him I want.

  • I will have to write my baby sitting story with two brothers. Little perverts tricked me into the same type of thing with jump ropes using a cops a robbers theme. The next thing I know I am telling them they better quit it but minutes later their fingers were up my shirt and under my bra.

  • Is that all they done? if so consider yourself lucky

  • True or not, your story gets me hard every time, love it

  • Every bit of my story is true to the bone. Nathan is the only one still fucking me daily one the week ends up to 4 times a day I swear he's trying to get me preggy but I'm on the pill and take it regularly.
    We watch porn together and he acts out what he sees, he's even taken me analy which I love. Last week was my birthday and for my present from him was I got doubled with a friend of his from school who was the same age as me 19 and man did he ever fuck me for the longest time before filling me with his cum. Jerry fucked me three times that afternoon cumming in me twice. Tell you what I love his 8 incher and very thick.
    He's even sneaked into my bed room at nights and had sex with me he keep telling me he loves me and can't be away from me but I know it's my pussy he loves and I know I love his co ck.

  • So there was a fire but you IGNORED it and fucked the kid instead? Riiigghhttt

  • My mom had her friend and friends 11 yr old daughter move I with us. We had only a 2 bedroom I knew Julia since she was a baby I was 19 at the time she was only 10 at the time. She slept in my room in my bed she had been like a little sister always. But a sexual thing developed between us one night she snuggled up and her hand rested near my cock. I was wearing boxers I got horny and got hard letting my cock bulge out from my boxers and slapped it across her thigh near her pussy. She surprised me grabbing it stroking it your naughty she said giggling. I starts kissing her saying she was naughty to she said big dick stick it in me. She laughed then said let's have sex they won't know I laughed and started finger fucking her. We had oral and started having sex after that all the time I stretched her pussy out with my thick cock fucking her so much. Her mom walked in on us one night and watched a few minutes then left. The next day she laughed saying I knew you two was having sex. She didn't get made and was OK she had told my mom who didn't care. We have been married for 23 yrs kinda crazy we have 3 kids and joke about it.

  • Time for the kids to get daddy fucked

  • I had a similar thing happen hun and Im 45 x

  • I'm a 15 year old boy and all I want is an older woman

  • Nice tell us more

  • Both were about same age as the story and both came in me . .

  • I am 19 now and still the three boys and I have sex just about on a daily schedule.
    Nathan how ever has been my lover for the most part, he's even slept with me without my parents knowing that he does, I want him by me all of the time for he knows just how to get to me and he pleases me beyond words.

  • You said you were 19 when it happened. Get your story straight dumb ass

  • Mo the oldest of the four kids was 19 and he worked the late shift at a Safeway store and didn't get home till late in the evening and I was hire to watch the three younger kids at the time I was 16.

  • Don't know what to do about Kevin. He has been making advances towards me even when my folks or his is at home.
    Last week end I went to his 13th birthday party and you know what he said he wanted from me , you got it ME as he patted my ass right in front of all the other kids. No more than 20 minutes later he was getting his birth day present from me in his bed room and it wasn't the norm for him. Usually he cums in me in less than 10 minutes but he kept going and going actually made me cum on him twice and finally he busted his nuts and god did he ever cum not in me tho all over my belly clear to my face and then he smeared his cum all over me with his body. We were a mess and I wasn't about to get dressed till I got cleaned up a bit he took off with just his pants on and came back with a warm wash rag and gave me a kiss as he started in cleaning me up followed by a lot more of his kisses. I no sooner go9t dresses and in walked two of his friends and asked what we were doing and Kevin said she gave me my birthday present and they wanted to see what it was and he said no it's a secret one and he looked at me and gave me one of his wonderful smiles. He walked over to me took my hand and said come on let's go join the others and the four of us walked down the stairs and went back to the party. Sometimes I get so mad at him wanting me at the most inopportune times but then I love him so and I'm getting to where I can't say no to him, but gads we got to be more careful or else we're gonna get caught.

  • He kept his softening cock till he pulled out of my ass and man did the cum flow I kind laughed and told him all three of his kids didn't give me that much and kissed him hard and he held me tight and kissed both my nipples and I moaned and he kept right on kissing and sucking and the next thing I know I had the biggest orgasm of the afternoon and he kept right on arousing me and the next thing I know he's shoving his kinda hard cock back into me fucking me slow as his cock grew and grew making me cum all over again, He just held himself in me deep and we talked and talked him telling me he's never had such a tight pussy and he couldn't believe I loved anal and I said it was Nathan that stared me on that and I loved it with him and I really love it when you did me there just then he pulled out of my pussy lifted me up and started in shoving his hard cock into my ass driving to many orgasms finally I collapsed upon him telling him no more for now and man did he shower me with kisses.

  • Id love to talk more about this k1k captain.harlock

  • I'm pretty sure that's considered rape now

  • What?

  • Well in that case why dont you babysit me and we can be Illumi-Naughty.

  • I do not doubt you at all. I was sitting a 13 and 11 year old back when I was about 18. The older one went to his room to play games and after about three hours of board games and some other games the other one was standing in front of me and I asked him what we should do next. He quickly reached out with both hands and jerked my sweats down to my knees and pushed me backwards like a football tackle. I was getting my arms out to push him off me and he already had my underwear down in front with his face buried in my pubic hair. I am a petite woman at 5'1" and about 95 pounds so we were pretty even in size but thankfully my older brother used to wrestle with all the time so I had something on the little pervert. He had is face on me for at least 15 seconds though and during the squirming one of my legs came out of my sweats so we were wrestling with me basically exposed. The older one showed up and the younger one got off and went to his room. I was getting my phone to call the parents and the older one tells me that he actually got the last sitter tied up before he pulled her pants down and had licked her for about fifteen minutes before he caught him and pulled him off her.

  • Let's hear it for Nathan, the 60-Minute Boy!

  • Hot story! How old were you - the babysitter - at the time?

  • I was 17 at the time. 19 now and yes they still do me regularly on a weekly schedule. Often two to 4 times a week. Sometimes just one but usually the three of them and yes they are getting better by the month and much bigger too

  • You should babysit me haha

  • Just curious, how big is each boy's erection and which of the three does the best job of banging you? I would think after weekly sex sessions with you for the past two years they have all become skilled at lovemaking.

  • Kevin now is almost 6 1/2 inches James about the same Nathan almost 7 1/2 inch and a full 2 inches across and yes I love Nathan's cock the most for it takes him a long time to cum and I get what I want from him.
    Nathan visits me the most almost daily and just before he turns in for the night for he says he sleeps much better after fucking me. I know I do.

  • Just wondering, do the boys use condoms with you or are you on the pill?

  • I am on the pill

  • FFS if you're going to make shit up, at least make it even slightly believable.

  • Truth

  • Your problem if you don't believe it happened. Every word is true. I swear

  • Oh hell yeah, I believe everything I read on the Internet, nobody ever lies.


  • Can you come and sit me? I have 19.3cm of love stick I want to share with you.


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