When I was a young boy not even old enough to cum a friend and I put our mouth on each others dicks one night late back in my bedroom. It was just something that we did for whatever reason. The very next day we did it again while my Mom was out hanging the clothes on the line to dry.
Over the next few days we did it quite often and both of us thought it felt good to get sucked. we started doing it to each other longer and it felt way to good to stop. One weekend my cousin who is my age and my friend were staying at my house and late that night we were talking quietly back in my room and we kind of told my cousin what we were doing and he didn`t believe us. At our young age he told us he didn`t think we would do that and eventually told us to show him.
We finally did it to each other as he watched and of course he wanted us to do it to him so we took turns sucking his dick and before the night was over my cousin was also sucking us and we had a great time and it continued the next day and every day after that if we were together.
We used to walk down in the woods and find a good spot to hide and take our clothes off and suck each others dicks for as long as we could stay there. All of us liked being on our knees with the other two standing in front of us and we would suck both dicks then trade places.
I will ever forget how it felt to have cum in my mouth once we all got old enough to shoot a load. we all liked to cum in each others mouth and it felt good to have each others cum in our mouth so we all learned to swallow pretty easy.
As we got older and more curious naturally we tried other things and fucking each other in the ass was bound to happen. Once we tried it we all liked it but I seemed to be the one that liked it the most so I let them fuck me a lot and what we all liked best was me in some position with one fucking me and me sucking the other one. It was always the best when they came close together and I could feel one shooting his cum in my ass while I was swallowing the others load. Neither of them ever tried that but I liked it and had them do it to me all the time in a lot of different positions. We were some horny young boys that enjoyed getting off and getting each other off.
As we got older it seemed to stop after we started getting a little pussy. Years later I talked my cousin in to doing it again one night on a fishing trip. We gave each other a really good blow job to completion then later on I got him to fuck my ass and he shot two big loads up my ass.
I almost begged him the next morning to fuck me again and he did with me bent over the back of the couch in the cabin we were staying in. He came in my ass the first time then as he fucked me the second time his cum ran down my thighs and he came in my ass again. I have asked him many times to take me out in the woods and fuck my ass but he really don`t want to. Maybe again some day but I keep asking him any way. Our wives don`t know about it or out younger days.


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  • I was 12 my oldest cousin who was living with us for the summer was 15 and one morning oh we slept in the same bed in my room and when I woak up and he was stroking his hard dick and I asked him if that felt good and he said something's better and I asked what and he said some one to fuck and he told me to roll on my side I did and in no time he had his cock in me showing me what getting fucked felt like and when he pumped his cum into me I knew I wanted more and I told him. Three times he fucked my ass that first day and came in me each time then he called me his cum dump and patted my ass.

    The very next morning I was woak up by him sliding his hard dick into me again so I bent over knowing just what to do pushed back took him deep in me and got his cum again. Every day he lived with us 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day if he wanted to fuck me he did then the last day he was going to be with us he told me he had a surprise for me.
    He started to fuck me one last time in our hay loft and just as he came he said

  • CONT2

    and he didn't stop for a good hard seven squirts, he stopped fucking but held himself deep in me and he kissed the back along the side of my neck and a whimper came out of my mouth and he said" you like that don't you" I said what you kisses yes your cock god yes and he even pushed more into me and he told me I had all 9 inches of him in me and for sure he was going to keep me well. satisfied and began fucking me again he told me to lie down on my belly I did and he really started in fucking me harder and harder shoving all of himself into me after 30 minutes or so he rammed my ass hard and fired a hard squirt hard into me I screamed and god shot after shot I felt every single squirt he fired off into me and right then and there he called me his slave and I said yes master how can I please you and he told me to be there every morning at 7 to be mine for as long as I want you. I said yes master I will be here. He kissed the side of my neck again and again and reached beneath me took my breasts in his hands and started in rubbing my nipples and I told hi, god you're turning me on all over again and he said oh I just wanted to see if yours were as sensitive as my nieces. I told him if he wants me quick just start off by sucking my nipples or playing with them or kissing my neck and I'm yours and he said as he shoved his still hard cock into me again you are mine and mine alone now and began fucking me all over again I said " yes master please give me all you have "

  • CONT. now's the time for your surprise and i saw our neighbor who's 17 a black boy almost to the top of the ladder and by the time he got to us he was naked along with my cousin and I couldn't believe the size of his cock god he was so thick I didn't' think but when Will pulled out of me he immediately started to push his monster into me and began fucking me harder than I ever been going deep and deeper into my ass and god I shot my first load hitting my chin, Will said enjoy yourself and James he want's it all the time up to six times a day if you need him just tell him where to meet you and I'll see you next summer and he left and god James started in filling my ass with his cum

  • I am15 white and our neighbors are Black mixed Hispanics and the three boys have been fucking me now for three weeks daily and several times each I can no longer say no to them for I want them as bad as they do me and they really don't disappoint me.

  • Wow i dont know what to say. Whew there is this one article ive read for men, once you tried anal sex you cant get enough of it.

  • I would love to find a few men to relieve themselves deep in me at least weekly giving me their cum deep in me every time or just giving me a good fucking

  • That's for sure... I love being on the receiving end of anal sex and for the past year only have gotten it twice and I am going looking for a new man to take care of me.

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