Really hot fantisy

Okay so I am a 19 year old conservative Muslim and I want to marry a guy just because I so desperately want to have sex. This boy I have known since primary school, but I saw him yesterday when I was out shopping and he looked so damn fine. I have to admit a little short, but he was so damn good looking. And since I've seen him all I can do is fantasise about him! I imagine us being married (a possibility seeing as our parents our good friends) and me cooking in the kitchen, when he comes over to help. He wraps his arms around my stomach and starts whispering how good my body looks in my ear, he then moves his hand down to my tight little garden and starts making me feel wet. Then I turn around and we kiss. Not just any kiss. A passionate, heated, wanting kiss, where I bite on his lip and he pushes me roughly against the counter. He grinds against me, making us both a hot mess and I tug on his short black hair, earning moans of pleasure. We hurriedly turn of the stove and rush to the bedroom. He pushes me onto the bed, and falls lightly on top of me, carrying on with our grinding and kissing and moaning. Then I whisper in his ear. I tell him to turn me around and fuck me rough from behind. He grins and pulls my clothes off in a flash revealing my black, skimpy underwear, earning a pleasant groan. He turns me around and starts to fuck me, the feeling of him filling me up making me moan with pleasure and scream his name. His grunts and groans of pleasure filling the room along with mine as he spanks my butt hard and calls me his little slut. We then both reach are climaxes and he cums deep inside of my wet pussy, with a load grunt then collapses on top of me. We kiss and shower and eat and repeat.
I hope to god this comes true.


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  • Yea just about like all the Muslim women I have known over the years. Their puss is off limits till they are married but they all will take it up their ass or in their mouth.
    Went to eat one out one time and got so sick I puked right in her puss. She reeked so bad why I had my face buried in her was beyond me maybe if I was so damn drunk I wouldn't have but to this day just about every time I think back on that night my stomach starts to go nuts. I don't think in all of my forty years I have smelled a pussy so rank.

  • So whats keeping you from dating him?

  • And, for them, the best part is -- when they're through screwing they can run out and slaughter innocent Americans.

  • Hey A hole I'm american and you are so narrow minded

  • Wow, how shallow. A real muslim knows that killing innocent people is not okay, and those who do and call themselves muslims are nothing but liars. Also Americans aren't all saints, plenty of murdering americans.

  • I'm american and I've been to Indonesia most are Muslim and never met anyone so nice as Indonesian ppl so funny when it's an American killing other Americans they don't say his religion

  • Ugh really?

  • Pray to god?

  • Fantasy*

  • Alot of Muslim women have anal sex, which is ok, since its not sex. They slso dont have to be married to do it. Ive dated several Muslim women and it was always the same, no vaginal sex, but anal is ok. Its so much hotter anyway.

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