Lost my virginity to my step father

I never told this to anybody, but I lost my virginity to my step father, my mom's husband. My real father and my mom divorced when I was very young and he always lived in a different city so I have seen him throughout my life but it was never permanent. My mom remarried with Pat probably when I was 11-12 years old, Pat was nice to me since we met and he was respectful when I was a child but when I turned 14 -1 5 and my body started "developing" I noticed he would look at my body sometimes, especially when I would get out of the shower in bra and panties.

I was a difficult teenager, I used to argue a lot with my mom and sometimes I was direspectful. I certainly can see now that my step father shouldnt have done what he did, but if Im being fair, it was me the one who provoked him. I think I wanted to get back at my mom because at the time I blamed her for my parents divorce.

I started dressing very slutty around the house when Pat and I would stay alone in the afternoons, I would purposely walk in front of him barefoot and with very very short skirts, sometimes I would even sit on his lap and put my legs on top of him so he could touch me. I guess one day he just couldnt resist any longer and he kissed me in the mouth on top of the sofa in the living room.

The kissing turned into touching and that led to him taking my clothes off. That day I lost my virginity to Pat on the sofa at our home. He put a blanket on top of the sofa before penetrating me and I bled, he fucked me probably for around 10-15 minutes, stupid him he didnt use a condom and he came inside of me but nothing ever happened. He threw away that blanket that same afternoon.

I wish I could tell you that it only happened that one time, but the truth is from that day it kept on happening probably for the next year. I probably had sex wth Pat around 20 times most of the time in my room and many places around the house. The first time we had sex I didnt like it that much and as I said I think I did it to get back at my mom; but around the 7th or 8th time I can admit I started enjoying it and I wanted to have sex with him too. I did many things with Pat for the first time besides just losing my virginity, I tried many positions with him for the first time, I discovered "rough" sex and I gave him oral sex plenty of times as well.

After a year, I noticed my mom started changing her behavior with me, and I never asked her if she suspected anything about Pat and I, but something definitely felt weird. I also started liking a boy in school and I guess I understood Pat and I were never going to do anything besides just fuck. I never wanted anything with him anyways I guess the whole thing just kept on happening and got out of control.

I told Pat that I though my mom was suspecting something, Pat got really scared and we just agreed to stop things for a while. We never did it again eventhough Pat tried to touch me a couple times after that. When he came on to me, I didnt have to really fight him off, I just told him no and he never persisted.

I moved out of their home when I was 19, I started living with a roomate, I never told my mom what happened and shes still married with Pat. I see him sometimes, I guess hes prefered to ignore the whole thing happened and I have done the same thing too, as I said I never told this to anybody else before.


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  • My step daughter has been doing similar things. We have fucked a few times now. It progressed slowly. She would sit on me or near me and touch me. I couldn't help and would touch her too. Then she started putting on porn and would suggest I masturbate. It went from there, but now she would suggest porn and I progressed to rubbing my hard cock on her ass. Now, she has been positioning herself next to me and allowing me to pull her panties off and penetratr her. We have always gotten along great and been non sexual. Now she is 21 though and it's changed. We still spend time together, but now I just think about fucking her. I do know it has to end,but until it does we are enjoying it.

  • My step daughter does similar things and will take my hand and put it on herself. I have resisted though.I think she just doesn't know how to show me affection appropriately. I think what you did was an experience and you could never tell your mom. If you have guilt, it's yours - don't put it on her. Don't feel bad either. Life has many twists and some you must keep to yourself.

  • You got him by the balls, now. If he ever pisses you off, just turn him into the police, I'm sure you were smart enough to take some video of him porking your underage ass, or kept some kind of incriminating evidence against him, most little girls do, that's why I don't sex up underage girls, that and the fact that I'm not a pedophile.

  • I like how it just "happened" and kept "just happening" amd it's all his fault. It is mostly his fault, but you enjoyed dressing slutty, getting his attention, and maki g things "just happen" and now it is all his fault because he is supposed to know better and also be a shrink, a smart man who understands your mental illness.

  • I never said it was "all his fault" I admit a lot of my own blame in the situation and thats precisely why I never accused him to my mom or anybody else

  • Well you certainly have a lot to blame for, you said you provoked him and even admit you liked fucking him. I think you should just move on, at this point there is really no reason to tell your mom, and hey he was just being a man

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