I love it when women wear shirts that show cleavage or more

I love getting a glimpse down a woman's shirt when she bends over, love seeing those beauties dangling or in a bra. Today for instance, I went to pick up an old sewing machine from this woman I had never met and the first thing I notice is she is wearing this sweat shirt with a cut out V in the front. The shirt is like two sizes to big for her and she is not in to bad of shape. We go down to the basement and she starts uncovering the table then opens up the top, while she was doing that she bent over to find the little twist lock and there they were plain as day no bra on them. Huge dark nipples with a lighter red areola, I looked for a second then started helping her, I was down on one knee looking under it then we got it open. She started opening the drawers and telling me that she really should have cleaned the stuff out of them and again she was bent over, both boobs and nipples completely visible. When she stood back up I noticed that her nipples were now poking the material out just a little bit so she was either chilly or turned on that I was looking at them. I thought I would flirt with her a bit when I noticed some weights and an exercise bike across the basement by a TV. I told her so that is how you stay in great shape working out with the weights. She was laughing and told me I was a bit of a joker because she had not worked out in years with that stuff.
We began shuffling the sewing machine towards the stairs and I told her I would just carry it up them if she would hold the door open into the garage. She was watching me come up the stairs and said look who is talking about getting a workout, she laughed and I stared at her nipples bobbing under the material. She was joking around with me which was good, she noticed that I was looking for sure. I set it down in the garage and she told me she could not let me take it with all those cob webs and dust clumps under it and I told her not to worry about it because the whole cabinet was going to get stripped and re-stained. She looked up at me and asked if I did furniture refinishing, I asked her what she had in mind. She told me she had this old dining room set and she loved it but her kids had ruined it and it is embarrassing. I asked her to show it to me and we went back into the house, some of the chairs would need to be taken apart and rebuilt but the table just had a few water spots and rings on it which would be easy. She asked me what I was thinking and I told her it would be no problem to repair it then she asked how much did I think it would cost. I thought for a bit and told her $100 and dinner testing the waters with her. She stood there smiling with her mouth open a little bit and told me you have a deal then told me to tell her what my favorite meals are and she would make me more than just one dinner. I smiled and told her anything with steak.
I drove away telling her I would be back in a little bit for the table and I could tell by the way she was smiling I was going to be seeing those boobs up close before long, hopefully bouncing up and down while she is riding my cock.

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