School Uniform

Its just a basic question, I have left school and working now, I was in my room about to throw some clothes out I no longer use, when my dad walked in and saw my old high school uniform and said are you throwing it out, I was thinking about it I said, are you going to try it on for me he asked, so tried it on in front of him I like pleasing dad I have no problem him seeing me in my underwear, he asked me to keep it for a while as he liked to see me wearing it, and could he take some photos daring of me in it before I throw it out, when its only us at home, Yes I agreed, I was a bit thrilled about it, but are we being naughty not telling mum?

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  • My wife can still get in her school uniform, I like to fuck her on the kitchen table fully dressed except for her knickers, she repeatedly says fuck me daddy I don't think she realises she is saying it,

  • Yes it's naughty but that's what makes it so hot.

  • Being a crossdresser, I would wear your things if I were your dad.

  • He wants to fuck u in it

  • I have three daughters and they all wore uniforms from elementary school through high School. My wife taught them at a young age to never wear panties when wearing a skirt. I can say that more times than not myself and the girls older brother got plenty of upskirt views. The girls are all grown now and I still get the same view when they wear a skirt. I'm sure it is on purpose most of the time because it happens a lot.

  • Wow I love that. When girls wear skirts with no panties

  • Why were they told not to wear them?

  • When I called at my friends house after school to see her because she was ill, he dad brewed up for us , I noticed when I uncrossed my legs he was looking up my skirt, I did it a number of times to tease and it was a turn on for me,
    my knickers were wet through, am I the only dirty bitch that liked to teases older men and give them a hard on.

  • I would love to be teased by a younger woman.

  • No my wife tells me stories of her bus rides as a teen ,with out panties, . Letting the older men peek up her skirt and sometimes more. Even at home letting her brother and dad get hard looking up her nighty.

  • No you are not only one there some in llanbradach

  • I am a dad and I must admit when is school uniforms its a real turn on for me

  • I agree they turn on that why I live opposite a school in llanbradach

  • That’s fucking disgusting

  • My dad likes fucking me in me school uniform. He started when I was 11 years old. He lay me on the bed and started to kiss me. Then he pushed my knees up until they were level with my shoulders, pulled back the gusset of my navy blue school knickers and rammed his cock up me. It hurt a lot at first but I soon got used to it. I'm 17 now and dad still fucks me in my school uniform. Mum has never found out.

  • I sure wish I was your dad. So very lucky.

  • Great story love those navy blue pe knickers on female bottom mmm

  • Nice story glad you got your navy blue pe knickers pulled .if it been me i would have loved to take your knickers off .then spank you then f**k hard

  • I have noticed my brother trying to looking up my skirt when I am wearing my school uniform

  • First I'd give him just a glimpse of your panties and then get more bold until you spread your legs wide open for him.
    Then start doing the same thing panty-less. Finally open your legs wide and begin masturbating in front of him. From that point on he will literally be your slave& your every wish will be his command so that your "show" will continue.

  • Well take your uniform off and give him a thrill and me a thrill

  • Even better if your pantyfree

  • Your brother got good taste looking up your skirt.i would have loved to look up your skirt or better still pull your skirt down and spank you on your school panties.

  • Love to see young girls in white cotton panties.

  • I have not posed for dad yet we haven't had the opportunity, I still want to

  • Update three, I have decided I am going to pose with nothing on for dad and mainly for me, I have always to be photographed nude, but first I want him to talk me into taking my clothes off, I want him to talk dirty to me first

  • That’s hot I love dirty talk. How was school today baby girl. Are u ready for daddy to take some pictures of u. Lift up your skirt and let me see your cute little ass. Oh baby girl you’re not wearing panties. No daddy I never wear panties to school. Bend over and spread your ass open I wanna taste your asshole. Oh it taste so good. Spread your legs apart and stick your ass out and I’ll take a picture of that cute ass.

  • Has anything else happened between you and your dad?

  • No nothing has happened , He has taken some photos of me in my uniform only standard poses, and when is was getting undressed to put on my uniform in my bra and knickers, even when I was bending over, I did get excited thinking what it would be like to take everything off and be fully exposed in front of him, he has asked me next time if I would like to be a bit more daring and adult with the poses and if I liked take a few more clothes off, I want to but don't know if I would have the courage, I know its being naughty, he has asked me not to say anything mum, if I do pose how far should I really go?

  • Naughty is best and most exciting I dare not tell what I hade done

  • Go as far as you both want . wish you my darling daughter

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