My daughter wants me to take her virginity

I have a 15 year old daughter and she is the apple of my eye. My wife died when my daughter was 4 and so she only has vague memories of her mother and we have become very close. I suppose we clung to one another through those difficult days. At first she would not want me to be very far from her at all, school was a real problem as you can imagine. When she was about 10 she would say that when she was grown up she would marry her daddy, I guess like many young girls do. We are relaxed when we are at home together, we have never had any hang-ups about nudity, she still sometimes gets in the bath with me, for example. Most evenings she sits on my lap and cuddles up and sometimes still sleeps in my bed. She will be 16 in August and she is now saying that will go on the pill soon so we can make love on her 16th birthday! What do I say to that, she is a beautiful girl, who I love but this cannot be right. No matter how much she and I want it! What do I do? Confused of Harrowgate.


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  • I would smash that pussy. Make love with that pussy. That pussy will love you.

  • I began eating my daughters pussy when she was 9 and at 10 she started sucking my cock at 13 we fucked for the 1st time and it was amazing . I have fucked my 3 older sisters the middle sister I fucked several times.. I have been fuck ing a 15 yr old recently a friends daughter. So I think I should

  • Your daughter wants to lose her virginity to someone she loves. You both want it and she will be 16, so if i were you i would do it. But make it as special as you can.

  • You need to get her some phychiatric help; it isn't normal. I have several kids and it is sick for you to even allow her to talk to you that way. She wouldn't be saying those things if you didn't allow it. Be a good day and get her some help; she is sick not in need of incest.

  • I've had sex with my mom several times and never done me any harm. With birth control its ok

  • Why isn't it normal? What is normal? I don't anyone really knows the answer to that question. All she needs is her love.

  • All she needs is dads love.

  • Rubbish

  • It's a difficult situation you are in my friend. Similar happened to me four years ago when my 16-year old daughter decided to join me in the hot tub, then took off her bikini. Next hing I know she's stroking my cock and french kissing me while tell me she loves me and wants me to be her first. Four years now and we live as husband and wife, she's in her third year of college with plans to become a child therapist.

  • After my wife's mom died when she was 11 she was met on the basement steps by her naked step dad and his hard cock was eyelevel , he convinced that sucking his cock was the thing to do, he took her and had sex with her for many years, on more than one occasion she would go to school with his cum running down her leg or on her lips even after we met she went to see him . She learned well.

  • My wife's step father fucked her from the time she was twelve till after HS, he was black and only let her date other blacks until she moved out.

  • He owns a bar and somehow one of the distributers either saw a picture he took or he told him , but the guy demanded to come over and see for hmself , so he had her dress sexy and when the guy came over he shared her with him all night, they covered her in hot cum, she loved it she says. to this day she loves to have more than I guy. I enjoy this as well. Very hot.

  • Sick shit. You should've gotten up and asked her if she was insane. She needs to grow old with someone not look beside her and already see old.

  • You feel it isn't right? Then maybe that is your answer. I have to say though, you made this problem for yourself by taking baths with her, especially after she came of age. You know you cannot marry her, and you must not get her pregnant. Offspring of incestual unions are prone to birth defects, mental retardation, and low IQ.

  • I was 15 when I got dad to fuck me well I got him had and got on top of him and I actually did everything but he was out like a light and probably never had any feelings about it but the next night was a different story. He got home from work and I met him at the door only wearing a very small teddy and I gave him a big kiss right on the lips he pulled back a bit and I kissed him again but this time I frenched him and he began kissing me back and as he was holding me up to where our lips met my feet were off the floor and man did he get aroused. It didn't take him long even tho he said it was wrong and we cant I kept telling him I already had with you so saying no isn't going to work and we even skipped dinner that night. Daddy fucked me three times that night and once more early in the morning before he had to leave to go to work. Still do and I love my dad and I'm not going to quit....

  • I first fucked my daughter, Natasja, when she was 8 years old. Her bald, preteen cunt was so hot and tight that I spunked up it after only 4 minutes.

  • Im doing same with my girls....

  • Yes you can fuck an 8yo, it takes a little bit of prep, you start by fingering her all the time, eating her pure little pussy until she cums and then start with just the head going in and out and filling her full of precious cum, I still can't get the full length of my cock in her but I get a lot in and she is tight--oh by the way I lick her clean after every load. She (Katheryn) is 9 now, she is blonde and has fuzz on her cunt, she's a bit chunky and has large fatty tits with huge very light nipples. I also suck her brothers (10yo Chris) cock while he's sleeping, he gets hard and then goes soft without waking up-maybe he's not sleeping, I've cummed on his hard little cock and sucked him clean many times. I need to get Katheryn to sit on his cock and fuck the shit out of him but I'm afraid he'll wake up.

  • You need to be castrated and have it shoved in your mouth.

  • I'm Natasja. What daddy has just witten is true. What he didn't tell you is that mummy taught me to give him blowjobs and to swallow his thick, creamy cum when I was just 4 years old. Also, mummy and daddy both used to lick and suck my little clittie. Not a day passed that I didn't have several violent cums.

  • This is such bullshit - but it's good bullshit! You should try writing erotic novels. Just make it a little more believable next time. ;)

  • Do it mean and hard and make her pay for her nasty thoughts. Bonk her w/o mersey. She will be better off for it.

  • Look if you don't do it then it'll be some spotty teenager who speaks in grunts and spread dirt everywhere. Go for it man.

  • I have some lovely pics of my daughter Julie 'performing' with our local football team and her horse. You won't believe the horse video. If you would like to see them then email me at

  • I wish any one of my daughters would let me fuck 'em. They teased me for years walking around half naked and I never had the guts to ask them if I could 'em.

  • You know what you have to do! Give her a good seeing to and enjoy it.

  • I would go for it my old son.

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