Pantyboy Bottom

I had an older Boy(s) c*ck in my bottom at a pretty early age. Although I was pretty boisterous and "all boy" at the time my "perfectly shaped boy's butt" attracted a lot of attention. I liked it.... On my tummy, legs widely apart, tighty-whitey underpants pulled aside and fresh cheeks parted by an older boy's c*ck. I never had to look for it, it always found me. I suck'd my first manc*ck at thirteen but waited till my fifteenth birthday to let one f*ck my tight little butt. It was so big!

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  • I was 15 and I went and visited a friend and after laying on the living room floor smoking a bud I started in getting horney and the next thing I knew he was laying beside me pulling my shorts off taking me semi hard cock into his mouth sucking me to completion and man did I cum hard. He kept on licking and sucking and he began to finger my ass and in a matter of a minute he had two fingers into me fucking my ass. He removed his fingers turned me over and fucked my ass like a wild man, his cock was skinny and quite long but it sure felt good especially when he came in me right after he came he went soft and his older brother got right on me and slowly pushed his cock into me. He fucked me for a good 40 minutes cumming in me twice and he still kept fucking me. I started in getting sore inside for he was a lot bigger than his brother and he kept hitting something deep inside of me but he continued to ravish my ass then he finally couldn't do me any more collapsed upon my back breathing hard he said "god kid you got a good ass and I don't want to pull out of you" Couldn't believe you took all of me and I told him he was hurting me for awhile going so deep I thought you were in my stomach and I asked him hoe big he was and he said 11 1/2 inches and he kissed the back of my neck and I started in pushing myself back onto him and he took hold of me pulling my hips tighter against him and told me to keep it hot for him and I told him god I love your cock deep in me and when you came god it felt so good. For nearly a hour he held his cock in me and when he finally removed himself man did the cum flow from my ass. Felt so damn good but now I felt empty and I told him so.

  • I am 15 and I know exactly what you mean for I am the same way for our neighbors who are gay are my day time friends night time lovers for the past four months. They are a lot older than I am in their 40's I think or even older the guy that fucks me first always has the smallest of their co cks and the other a good 10 inches and he keeps himself in me for well over a hour fucking me slow and deep and when he cums he pulls me tight against him shoving all of himself into me and I swear he feels like a foot long going into my stomach and I love it.

  • That's what happens wen you get ass fu cked you want more and more the thicker the better by the time everyone's done you're worn out.
    Believe me for I know 23 guys 44 fucks

  • That's a great story, I'm jealous haha

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