I love to give rim jobs.

2 months ago

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    • I love to give rim jobs too! I mean the only things I've ever had to worry about from that are the times I've gotten shigella, amoeba, giardia, hepatitis A and the repeated bouts of syphilis and gonorrhea. That kinda sucked but the rim jobs were hot. Though once after I got shigella I lost 25 pounds from the week of vomiting and diarrhea. Oh and jesus the salmonella and E. coli were a nightmare. Ok not worse than the cryptosporidium and amebiasis parasites. STILL those rim jobs were HOTTT

    • My chick doctor thinks she's my shrink "i'm here for your mental health well being too. So how's you sex life. Is your wife happy?"
      I think she just likes me. My .5 hr visits last an hour. And does fell good bragging how I fuck my wife, fucked old girlfriends, the affair I had. I can't gross her out except for my rim job confession. Been doing with every GF since a fling I had with a much older married lady when I was 18. She rimmed me and then the unthinkable at the time. During cowgirl 69 she sits on face "lick it a little baby boy" -- yuk, i did it and she came like a Dollar Store whore. Soon I wasn't grossed out at all. And love the results. Some girls rimmed back, most didn't. My wife was a rim ringer. DR AMY: NO -- DON'T DO THAT! You can get real sick.
      After a real good shower we'll still do it once a month. Dr Amy doesn't have know everything.

    • Unfortunately, my wife stubbornly refuses to allow me to rim her AND to let me french-kiss her anus and to let me FUCK the ass. Fortunately, my girlfriend loves all anal sex , and insists on all of it. She also loves sending me home to my wife with her ass (and ass juices and solids, etc.) on my lips, tongue, nose and face. Not to mention ALL over my dick. Plus, she is an XLBBW, so it's hard for her to always get thoroughly clean "back there". She's nasty and delicious. And she's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • We all have to kiss ass sometimes.

    • That’s the spirit!

    • Do you prefer aluminum or steel and what do you do to the rims!

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