I love My wife but she left me

I love My wife but she left me for a black man. It was my fault, I wanted to watch her fuck and suck off other men, black men. It was the dirtiest thing I could thing of. I wanted her to be a slut and she was willing, so we met this men on GL. After a few meetings she started seeing him behind my back. Then I came home from work one day and Tina was gone. She left a note saying that if I loved her I would have made her do that and she loved Ty was his. Well all most two months later she calls me. Things aren't as nice as she thought it would be. He had shared her with his bros, " turned her out" she was working the streets, his whore selling herself to any one and begged me to take back. I love my wife and I went and picked her up on the street where she was working, made her suck me off there where she had been sucking so many other cocks.

5.6 years ago


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    • Hell I set my chubby bleach blond wife up with a black pimp. Every few months I take her to him, he lives in a rough part of a city about an hours drive from home, I call him a few days before so he can let people know she will be there. She's cheap, easy and willing to please, she's had over 40 men in one week end, all black and I love it!

    • Before I met my wife she was a teen run a way, spent a couple of years on the street black pimp and all.

    • I would love to turn my wife into a bar whore. Wow what a fantasy to wanna watch several strangers take turns with my lady. Mmmmmm oh yea

    • That's easy just get her drunk.

    • Yup your an idiot. You just paid the price for your sick jollies. You don't deserve a wife.

    • Yes I do deserve a wife, who else would have taken her back knowing she had fucked hundreds of men, sucked even more cocks, willingly gave herself to a black man and his friends.

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