Married man former closet crossdresser and bisexual

It will be one year tomorrow since my wife learned of my crossdressing and my bisexual cravings/desires/slutty ways. Long story short, I've been crossdressing since before i was in school and had many bisexual adventures and lovers starting in junior high up to and including now. While at a party hosted by my (boy)friend at his home and my wife and i were dressed as reverse role cheerleaders and she helped me with a wig and makeup (which i fixed to look oh so cuter). The women were chatting it up and my wife was drinking with her friends and some other guests and my bf whispered in my ear that he wanted me now and grinded his very hard and big p**** into my touché. We went to his bedroom and while i was giving him oral sex my wife walked in and realized she saw Michael getting head and quickly ran out. She was kinda drunk and didn't realize it was me sucking him off. 5 minutes later we were having very hot, nasty, pounding me hard sex and i was begging for more, talking dirty and how much i love dressing up for him and how i love c*** and being his sissybitch and he moaned loud and i felt him throb and cum inside me and i moaned and orgasmed too. i was on my back with my legs spread wide still feeling wonderful from my orgasm when i looked over to my right to see my wife staring at me and in shock. Michael withdrew from me and walked into his bathroom. She stared at me as i pulled up my panties instead of the booty shors she bought me. She asked if we could leave and we did, i said goodbyes for us. She told me she thought i was a real girl with Michael and was actually trying so spy on him as she always had a little crush on him. She asked how often does he have sex with me, i said 4 or 5 times a week i dress up for him. She asked why do i dress up, i do look pretty and until i realized i was watching my husband getting f***** by a big black man and c*** i was getting really turned on. She looked over at me and said I'm not a man, real men don't suck and get f***** by another man. I said i was sorry I've been living a lie my whole life. She asked if i liked being gay and dressing like a girl better than being a man. I said i loved both equally and cannot explain why. The rest of the trip home was silent and she had a couple more drinks and said she wanted to get fucked tonight, maybe she should have worn the girl cheerleader outfit. I leaned in to hug her and caress her and kiss her and she pushed away saying im not a man and ran upstairs to our room for the night. i could hear her vibrator going so i knew she was ok. She came down a couple hours later and tossed me a nighty and a very cute pair of panties to sleep in. She told me to douche or i will leak all over my clean clothes and sofa. When i awoke the next day i found a note saying she was going to be gone for a few days. i smiled and called Michael and he came over. My wife has had a couple of bf's for the past year and Michael and I are still together, she refuses me sexually, but will go shopping and girly things with me. Her current bf is a closet bi too and he knows about my lifestyle and is the first one ok with it. He and I have a little affair going on and he is into sucking Michael's c*** too. I still love my wife but am very happy being a sissy and gay


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  • Pretty hot story but damn dude, why don't you ask your wife to watch? Maybe her bf will bring her

  • You can go from Straight to Bi to Gay. But usually you felt deep down inside you never felt comfortable in a Heterosexual relationship.

    Is being Bi a gateway to becoming gay? Sometimes, but most of the time not.

  • Gay = you get emotionally attached (In Love) with the same sex.

    Bi = You lust sex with the same sex. (Because that is all it is, Sex) Being Bi usually has no emotional attachment to the same sex.

    You are not gay, if you can have an emotional relationship with the opposite sex. You are Bi.

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