Did I do what I did?

It was closing at the restaurant that I work and there was just a few customers that seemed to be dragging their feet about leaving so I started in cleaning the tables after taking away all the condiments I started in wiping the tables down and this one guy sitting in the back booth asked for another cup of coffee and I thought gads buddy it's 25 minutes past closing but I said one more and that's it and he said ok. After pouring him his coffee I dumped what was remaining in the pot and put the craft in the washer and went back wiping the tables down and this guy kept watching me and it was making me a bit nervous. I cam to the table next to him and he couldn't6 take his eyes off of me and then I seen what he was looking at my blouse had to buttons more undone than I normally have and my boobs were about to become fully exposed. Rather attract more attention I continued to clean the table top and I asked if was enjoying the view and he said surely mam and for some reason I stood up and pulled at my blouse revealing everything I had to offer and he just gasped and starred. My 34 C's are very firm and my nipples were standing out at full hardne4ss because my blouse was rubbing against them as I was doing my cleaning and he asked if he could have some cream for his coffee and I said it was all put away and he said not that cream from you and I told him I didn't have any but he wouldn't believe me. Said with nipples like that you've been nursing and shit I stopped two months ago but I told him yes I was but no longer but he said I still had milk in me and he wanted some and I wasn't even going to think about what he said to me but I couldn't get it out of my mind so I went to his table bent over his coffee cup and squeezed my breast and I couldn't believe it a big squirt came out right into his cup and he said more and this went on for 3 or 4 minutes and my other nipple began to drip and he took that one in his mouth and began to nurse me dry and I held his head to my breast and I was loving the attention I was receiving from him. For nearly 20 minutes he nursed one then the other and that was all he wanted and I'll admit if he had made a pass at me he would have had everything I have for he was turning me on that much.
He tanked me and got up and left not even finishing his coffee and I thought what the hell and then I noticed the tip beneath the coffee cup. Wow a $50 dollar bill and I thought to myself for what breast milk? I close tomorrow I wonder if he will be in late for coffee again, Mmmm I wonder.

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  • Mmmmm I love dripping milk from a huge breast. Mmm squirting on cock or a womans pussy. So erotic

  • I hope he comes back and I hope you get everything you want from him.

  • Yes he came back and he stayed till after closing again and yes he got fresh milk for his coffee and he also drained what was left which I needed, One suck on my nipples and he gets my milk a flowing and it feels of so good to get them drained by nursing, I wo0rk late again tonight and I am hoping.

  • Did he cum back

  • Every night at closing for the past few weeks and thanks to him I am now producing milk big time from him nursing me. He knows just how to kneed me to get me flowing and it even looks like he is putting on weight to.

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