Wife's friend

My wife friend erin is driving me insane. She so hot but i cant seem to touch her. She asks me to come over on several occasions to fix stuff at her home. While there she does and asks certain things that make me wonder if she wants me. Like for instance, she wears short shorts and loose tops. So when she bends over i can see her nipples and when she sits down i can see her vagina while she has her legs open sitting on the couch. She always gives me compliments too. I want to so bad to fuck her brains out but i dont want to make the first move...

7.6 years ago

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    • Lol say as i did with x wife if she flashes it i have go down on her so for her be careful as shorts don't hide that well and i take it as if do that its offer for you start and see where gos

    • OMG... Make the move. She's begging for it! You won't believe the excitement you'll experience!

    • I would wait till she had a pair of heels on and comment that they must kill her feet and tell her you give a mean foot massage. The last time I tried it with a friend of our she had her feet in my lap and in a few minutes she was playing with my dick with the foot I wasn't rubbing. She actually got my pants unzipped with her toes.

    • Reminds me of my sister in law, I joked with her one time about being so hot and she quipped back well you just have to ask. Never did ask for it but good lord I always wanted to.

    • I think u should make the first move she wants you bad probably touches herself at night thinking about you. I'm a woman. I tease the same way.

    • Well if u dont want to make the first move keep jacking off to her then... Mens #1 problem is not making the first move shes a woman... Thats not their job bc in their minds they are "whores" if they make the first move. just fucking do it and fuck the shit out of her...

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