Husbands desire part 1

I asked my husband one night after we had just made love if he had any wild fantasies, the guy never opens up about anything so when he did I was shocked. He told me that he had a long time fantasy to tie up a woman and use it as foreplay for hours teasing her and playing with her, nothing like torture or anything just playing. I coaxed a few more things out of him and found myself a little excited about making his fantasy come true. I trust him completely and knew he would never hurt me or do anything that I would object to sexually.
I spent some time researching bondage toys and ordered a few of the usual things, bought some rope at the Home Depot, ordered a few exciting looking sex toys online. I arranged a weekend overnight with the kids away at his parents and put all the stuff in a box wrapped up in our closet. We went out to dinner and I wore a dress that left very little to the imagination and on the way home he discovered that I was not wearing anything else under the dress. We got home and I was pretty much stripped before we made it to the bedroom, I stopped him and told him he had a present to open in the closet. I slid the box out and when he opened it up his eyes lit up big and he told me that he could not believe that I was willing to do it.
Once he got started though he was into it and so was I, it was totally a different feeling letting myself be under his complete control. I was so turned on from his first touch that tingles ran through my whole body. I figured that his first move was going to be to tie me spread out on the bed but he had a different idea. He went downstairs and brought our ottoman up laid me on my front side and tied my arms and legs behind my back and spread my legs out at my knees. He slide me to the edge and when I felt his tongue going into me I just melted, the restraining was adding feelings deep down I was contracting my muscles but instead of my legs being able to move it would pull on my insides. I came hard about two times just from him teasing me and playing with me. He untied me and we had great sex, I was so into it.
I told him during the week prior to the next one that I was dropping the kids off and we could have another night of sex play. He had time to plan this one out and I was a little surprised when he led me to the basement. He had dragged the spare mattress out and had it on the floor covered with a sheet. Above it was a big ring attached to the ceiling, I gave it a look then looked at him, his plan was to suspend me. After about half an hour of ties and experimenting I was about three feet off the mattress facing downward, arms and feet behind me and legs spread wide again. He asked me if I was okay and I was pretty comfortable amazingly enough, he then started playing with my breasts and nipples. I was blindfolded which added a new dimension to it and as he played with my nipples I was getting wetter by the minute but he was ignoring my lower region all together. Then he started rubbing my lips with something I figured it was a sex toy but I was wrong and as he inserted it my mouth was spread wide open. He asked me if it was okay and I was a little stretched got out an uh huh of approval. I thought his cock was coming next but seconds went by without it going into my mouth and then I heard a vibrator turn on. He put it right on my clit without any playing around and somehow it was set there because I could feel his fingers back on my nipples. He then whispered in my ear that he just wanted to sit and watch me cum for a while. A rush went through my body as I heard him say that because I literally could not see, talk or move away from the vibrator. I came in minutes and the vibe was not letting up at all as I started building up to another orgasm then I felt his cock on my tongue slowly going in and out of my mouth, I was moaning out with pleasure. It turned me on feeling like I could not stop any of this and when he grabbed my hair into a pony tail and was pushing his cock in deeper over and over I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. He pulled out of my mouth and went behind me plunging his cock into me in one deep thrust pounding against me over and over until he came. I was so sexually turned on I was just moaning over and over, I suddenly had the scent of me and sex and his cock went into my mouth full of the flavor of our sex. I could taste is sweet salty cum and my own flavor as he slowly slid it in and out of me. The vibrator was still going and it really began tickling me now more than anything as my clit was beyond excited now. Suddenly I felt the urge to pee and could not stop it, I began making panic sounds and he pulled out and started to remove the ring gag but it was to late as I trail of urine began flowing out of me. He was amazed at the site and pulled my blindfold off after turning off the vibe. I was hanging my head down embarrassed looking at the soaked mattress sheets. He pulled my face up and kissed me deeply.

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  • That is HOT stuff! There is practically no limit to the fun two naked people can have together!!

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