Older lady

I used to have a handyman business to make extra cash on the side, I worked the night shift at a factory and would work during the day repairing things.
I went to a customer and I knew she was older just from talking to her on the phone but when I showed up she was in pretty good health and was fit. I gave started giving her an estimate but she told not to worry about an estimate just fix everything on the list and she would pay me. I told her I needed to give her an estimate because I did not buy materials up front, when I told her what the materials were going to cost she gave me extra in case I needed more. I felt pretty satisfied that she would pay me no problem so I went and got the materials and worked at her house for about three days straight. On the last day I told her I was finishing up today and to check things over and make sure she was happy with all the work, about mid afternoon I was finished up and we went over everything.
She asked me to come over to her, I thought it was a little strange but walked over to the chair she was sitting in. She sat on the edge of the chair and told me to come closer, she reached out and grabbed my belt pulling me to her. I stood there dumbfounded for a second then she started unbuckling everything and slid my pants to the floor. She pulled my shorts down and pulled my dick right out in front of her face, I was amazed as I watched her hands grasp my dick and start massaging. I was hard in seconds and she began sucking me off swallowing me down pretty deep. She sucked on me until I came and swallowed all of it all the while massaging my balls and stroking my base hard. She was excellent at giving blow jobs and I really enjoyed it a lot.
I did not quite know what to say to her when she was finished up but she looked up at me and told me that I was really attractive and she wanted to do that the first day I showed up. Then she asked if I would have sex with her, I was hardly in a position to say no, after all she had just given me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. I told her sure thinking to myself that it was going to be pretty bad. I was amazed actually at her ability to still get lubed up and really enjoyed begin licked and me sucking on her clit. After some fun oral she pulled out a tube of lube and put some on my cock getting it good and slick. She then spread her legs out and I dove into what I did not expect at all, she was tight. She kept wrapping her legs around me and pushing me into her deep, told me to f@ck her harder over and over so I kept it up for about twenty minutes while she moaned out the whole time. She was absolutely hot in bed, I was amazed.
I went back to her house quite a few times since then and always the same, completely hot sex every time.

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  • You been watching too many porno films mate, couldn't you invent something at last a little bit original?

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