Daughters Ex Boyfriend

I have been in contact from time and time again with my daughters ex boyfriend. We just chat and flirt a little nothing harmful but I have these strong sexual urges that wont go away. He told me that he had had sexual urges for me ever since he started dating my daughter. I have to admit that I really wanted to act on these urges. We decided to meet up for drinks that weekend. Before we left he kissed me and I kissed him back passionately. He whispered in my ear he wanted me and stuck his hands down my pants. We ran off to my car and drove to an abandoned park and walked down by the water. He ripped all my clothes off and so did I. He laid me down and entered me forcefully. I moaned and moaned having wanted this for so long. I wrapped my legs around him and clawed his back. He exploded in me and kissed me. He was amazing and sexy I told him I want to fuck again. We got up and walked to the car where I rode him for hours as he pumped me full of cum over and over. We spent the night at a hotel fucking like wild animal till the sun rose. I loved it so much every lunch break he meets me at my office and we fuck hard. We never use condoms because I want his cum deep in me.

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  • Young guys like hot MILF pussy. Work him hard girl.

  • That is so hot a mom letting her daughter's ex use her body anyway he pleases.

  • Did he sit on you

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