I want my 63 year-old Mother-In-law!

My relationship with my wife is terrible. Our marriage of close to 20 years is over. But for now a divorce is out of the question.

Lately I've been fantasizing about my mother-in-law. When I first started dating my wife I found her mother attractive. But now I'm in my mid-40's and my MIL is in her early 60's. And I want her more than ever. I find the MIL and age angles kinky. And my MIL probably hasn't had sex since I've been married to her daughter.

Couple months ago she gave me a hug. I couldn't help but notice her breasts pressed against me. I held the hug as long as possible just to feel them.

My MIL is attractive, but not in a yowza sort of way. She's got a big ass and little titties and could stand to lose some weight. But still, I want to fuck her. I want to get her on all fours, spread those big ass cheeks and push her face into the mattress. I want to grope her saggy little titties. I want to hear her talk dirty. I want to press her face into my crotch and her mouth onto my erection. I want to mount her and push into her and hear her moan. I want to make my mother-in-law orgasm loudly. I want to fill her mouth with my semen and watch her swallow.

But for now I'll have be satisfied with the fantasy. I need to get another hug from. fell those little breasts against me.

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  • Have had sex with women post menopauseal, make sure you use lube and olive oil is a good one for her vaginal walls. With out the proper lube, you get vaginal tearing and ripping. I have done that to older women and they tell me it hurts like hell. I lost those women for sex completely. just feared more pain and vag damage. Cumming inside also gives additional lube and makes her vag healthy. Start out slowly, especially if she has not had sex in a while. You can hurt her pretty quick and turn her off. The best start is some oral sex for her. giving her several good orgasm, do not make her clit to sore. keep your fingers lubed and the head of your cock as it goes in her. Slow stroke and not to deep. In time the activity and lube will get her vag walls flexible and moist. when that happens you have a nice ride partner.

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