I'm carrying my brothers child

My husband doesn't know, my brother and my doctor do.

All tests show the baby is healthy. We've had every genetic test imaginable and there are no problems.

My brother is beautiful, smart, and the best person I have ever met. We have been having a sexual relationship since we were both in college together.

I won't go into why, but I will say that I will never bear a child from my husband.

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  • LOL ! This post and the resulting replies have shown that just about everyone on here has a family shrub, not a tree !

  • Man.. talking about a fucked up world.. are you from Arkansas, Kentucky or Virginia?

  • I'm guessing West Virginia.

  • I'm divorced and I'm having my son's baby. He's 13 and he fucks me a couple of times a night. I'm not worried about it as my dad was my grandfather, and I turned out all right.

  • How long did you and your grand father have a sexual relationship? How old were you when he first stuck his hard cock inside your pussy, and were you enjoying this? I love that you are letting your 13 yr old son bury his had cock deep inside your mommy pussy. That is so beautiful and such a turn on.

  • I think it's wonderful that you are letting your 13 yr. Old son make love to you. I bet he is very appreciative of your open mind, not to mention your open legs. I wish you were my mom when I was 12.

  • I agree with you. Sex between a mother and her son is soooooo hot & sexy. I too would have loved having her for a mom when I was 12. I'd have been wearing her panties by then and it would be such a turn on to wear my mom's panties in front of her, and then pull my dick out one of the leg bands of her panties and then tuck her while wearing her silky panties.

  • Yea right....

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Cool. So much for the incest myth[s]. I had my way with my sister for a number o' years.

  • Don’t worry...they are definitely myths. Have a 2 yr old girl with my mom and she is expecting our son in May. No issues at all.

  • Dump your husband

  • Hey , I think you live in my trailer park !

  • Good burn.

  • Don't listen to these nai sayers, the best load I ever shot was into my sister after she told me she was not on the pill!

  • Cue up the banjoes !

  • Cool reply. I hear them already. Seriously, whenever I hear that music, I lose it laughing.

  • Sick fucks

  • I envy you for I to have been having sex with my brother since I was 14 and I am 22 now. I would love to have his baby and e knows it and we've been trying but I found out I am sterile and when I told him I couldn't conceive it was a let down for both of us. But we still make love it isn't just sex for it is a lot more than that.

  • So beautful

  • This is very, very disturbing. And you are very, very disturbed.

  • By the same token, deny all you wish however BEYOND DISPUTE, THAT is mainstream or very close to mainstream u.s. living in this 21st century. That appropriately applies to most of the developed countries as well now. It's time you & your cronies woke up to smell the roses. i.e. DEAL WITH IT. Its time has arrived ; it's here.

  • I agree with the other anon on this. My guess is that your husband is either gay, or he shoots blanks. In either case, you should let him go with the truth and continue your life with your brother and coming child. Good luck to you.

  • With this attitude you should set your husband free with the truth and live with your brother your soul mate

  • Me and my brother got married and he as given me three girl's and he has just started to fuck our fourteen year old daughter and she want's his baby.

  • Why do you allow your brother to have all the fun. Why don't you show your girls how wonderful love can be between to women. Or consider letting your 14 year old daughter watch you and your brother make love, a d then invite her to join in for a 3 some. I'm glad you are both so open minded.

  • Aside from all that, it feels really good

  • Ask her again. I doubt she really "want's" his baby.

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